Here we will try to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding brow henna.

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As we receive more FAQ’s they will be updated so check for updates or feel free to contact Elleebana Head Office if you have a question that you need support with.

How do I get a longer-lasting skin stain with Henna Brows?


Your skin regenerates daily, so it is always difficult to say how long a henna skin stain is going to last on a certain skin type in the brow area as our skin varies from individual to individual.

Some clients have oily skin and some clients have dry skin and these conditions can affect the longevity of the skin stain and make the skin more resistant to staining.

We say skin stain results can last anywhere from 2 – 14 days on the skin, using darker colors will give a more powerful and long-lasting skin stain. The darker colors such as the black and dark brown in the Elleebana range contain a higher percentage of indigo powder which helps to neutralize warmth and more powerful results. You can mix the darker pigments in with the lighter colors in the range e.g., 5% Black with 95% Blonde.

Leaving henna on for the full 20 – 30 mins and allowing it to dry completely can help give the best skin stain results. Always ensure the skin is thoroughly cleansed beforehand. You can also add layers of henna as it dries, some clients that have more resistant skin benefit from this type of application.

Lotions, sweat, hair products and anything else on the skin will be a barrier between the skin cells and henna causing a lighter henna stain. Make sure the skin is completely clean before applying henna. Wash the area with cleanser and Elleebana shampoo and please note: Self-tanning products, body butters, sunscreens, and other really deep moisturizers can take a couple of days to clear the skin cells. This will affect your henna stain.

Henna on the hair should last for many weeks and there is a good market of clients that say they feel henna lasts longer on the hair than some permanent brow tints. Elleebana Henna also contains nutrients to help restore hair growth and the natural shape of the eyebrows.


The henna leaves a yellow stain outline around the brow area, why is this?


Skincare, moisturizers, sunscreens, and spray tans can take a couple of days to leave the skin cells and these are usually the culprits for these issues. You must clean the skin as much as possible to increase your chance of having a better skin stain and long-lasting result on the hair.


What are the most popular mixing ratios? Can I mix the henna colours?


There are many ratios that you can use with Elleebana Henna, that is what we love about it, you can come up with nearly any color combination and customize for your clients’ needs.
Here are some simple examples to create more of an ash tone:
Ash-blonde – 10% black and 90% blonde
Ash light brown – 10% black and 90% light brown
Ash natural brown – (10% black or 10% dark brown) and 90% natural brown
Adding Black or Dark Brown to your mix will really help achieve a longer-lasting result and help to neutralize warmth. It is always going to depend on the base hair color of your clients. Elleebana offers some really light colors for those clients that only want a subtle tint for the hair and no skin stain.


If my client always spray tans, how can I stop this from affecting the colour?

If there is spray tan in the skin cells then there is a chance it will throw a yellow or green tone on the skin around the brow hairs. It is always best if your clients can avoid spray tan for two weeks before having brow henna applied.

If my client doesn’t want any warmth how long can I leave a darker colour on without it going too dark?


This is always going to come down to the base hair color you are working on, the best thing to do is do as many different variations of skin tests on yourself as you can so you become familiar with the color ratios and how dark they will get on the skin and hair. Generally, when henna is warm on some clients it cools shortly after the application anyway. You can apply some brow powder to tone the warmth in the meantime if required. Some clients do not have the problem of warmth with henna.


How long does it take for the true colour to come through?


On many clients, the color is perfect straight after the application, however, if there is some warmth it can cool down as quick as 10 minutes. On some clients, it can take an hour or two. It does depend on the colors used and the base hair color of the client.


Can I tint lashes with henna?


NO – do not tint lashes with Elleebana Brow Henna. Please use professional lash tinting products for this procedure.


Does Elleebana Henna contain PPD?


Yes – most henna for eyebrows does contain a very small amount of P-Aminophenol, Phenylenediamine or Diamino-phenoxyethanol, and some people can have sensitivities to these ingredients. Their purpose is to give the henna a faster processing time, neutralize the warmth and give a longer-lasting result. Without these ingredients, they will not process fast enough and there would be no point in having this as a beauty treatment in a salon. The service would take too long and the results would not be sufficient.


How soon after an application can I tint over the top of a client’s brow with a darker henna colour?


You can apply a darker color over the top straight away. Elleebana Brow henna is customizable and has a wide spectrum of colors going from Black to a very light Blonde, so you can mix a lot of the colors together, but you can also apply another layer over the top if you feel like you want a darker result.