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Anastasia Hoff

Ritchfield, Minnesota

I became an esthetician in 2015, and have settled in as a salon suite owner since January of 2017. I love the freedom, which has given me the opportunity to work with Kelly Rhode at her educational space to share my knowledge and love of Henna Brow Tinting with other beauty professionals.

I’ve personally trained under Kelley Baker (in LA, Sept 2018) for a two day experience where I was hands on training as well as shadowing her and her employees at her salon. It provided a lot of inspiration and confidence to crack into Elleebana’s Henna Brow Kit that was brand new on the market at the time. Through the power of social media, I was able to transition my work load from lash extensions into the world of brows. I spend a lot of time practicing and refining my skill with Henna on my own trusting clients. After about a year of this, I attended a full day of training with Natallia Ivchankova (in Baltimore, July 2019) who is a brow genius and henna expert. I came back with a ton of technical training and a mentor and supporter for life.

Since the day I graduated from the Aveda Institute Minneapolis I have seen myself in a training role. I love to teach, and the reason why I love to teach is to save my students the time and challenges that I went through on my own. I want to be a mentor to others that can be reliable and trustworthy. I tend to give real world advice and relate to my students as my peers, we can all learn from each other!

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Brow Henna

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