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Aubrey Brown

Washington, Illinois

Aubrey Brown’s passion for the beauty industry blossomed in the midst of her teenage years. Upon graduating from high school, she made her decision to enroll in the first of many courses that would help shape the future of her career.

Becoming a Licensed Nail Technician was just the tip of the iceberg for Aubrey. Equipped with enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn, it wasn’t long before she committed to becoming a Licensed Esthetician. Over twenty years later, she still exhibits the very same zeal in regard to her chosen career. From nails to lash lifts, lash extensions and educating fellow estheticians and cosmetologists, Aubrey is certain that she found her calling!

While she started offering services in smaller salons, she eventually grew her business and opened her own salon in 2009. Running her own business and providing services for her clients has been a very rewarding aspect of her profession ever since. In the meantime, she continued the advancement of her own education and became an independent educator for lash lifts and lash extensions.

Based in Washington, Illinois, Aubrey is a Certified Elleebana Trainer. Her many courses have included Xtreme Lashes, Maven Artistry, LashMakers, NALA Trainer, LashFX Trainer, Yulia Subbotina, LashBoxLA, London Lash Pro, SugarLash Pro, and many more.

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