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Chelsey Guccione

Billings, Montana

Chelsey is a licensed Esthetician and Elleebana trainer from Billings, MT. Before Chelsey began her career in the beauty industry she worked in hospitality. She also worked in marketing for commercials and made a few appearances on local stations in Georgia, USA.

Chelsey also has a background as an optometrist assistant and helped open and manage a successful vein clinic. Although Chelsey loved working in the medical field, she had a desire to work in the beauty industry and owning her own business.

Chelsey completed her Esthetics training and became licensed in early 2015. Right away she hit the ground running to add to her knowledge and skills. Chelsey became certified in micro-current and light therapy, sleek brows semi-permanent brow treatments, lash lifting, lash and brow tinting, as well as semi-permanant mascara and permanent cosmetics.

Through Chelsey’s sleek brow training, professionalism and talent, she was asked to train for Sleek Brows. Chelsey was very ecstatic and knew right away that having the opportunity to share her knowledge and passion with her colleagues in the beauty industry was a dream career.

Chelsey completed her training with Sleek brows as a trainer and loved every minute educating new stylist and helping guide them in their business(s). Chelsey was then asked to train with Elleebana as well. At this time she was already using Elleebana’s lash products and Belmacil’s tint line.

Chelsey already loved being a trainer for Sleek Brows and loved offering lash lifts and tints, so naturally she jumped at the opportunity to train with the CEO of Elleebana and the master in the lash industry Otto Mitter himself.

Chelsey has been training with Elleebana for the past 4 years and is passionate about sharing her expertise and salon experiences with others. Fun fact about Chelsey is that when she is not slaying in the beauty industry she is building confidence and leading young girls as a Girl Scout troop leader.

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