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Christine Montoya

Omaha, Nebraska & Colorado

Christine Montoya is a licensed esthetician with one goal; make the client experience exceptional resulting in beauty through simplicity.

After a twenty year corporate career, Christine left the office to pursue her passions. She fell in love with the esthetics industry when she saw how minimal, yet effective, treatments can change how someone looks. More so, how it makes them feel. Narrowing in on what the industry had to offer and keeping her goal in mind, she found permanent cosmetics. Seeing how a brow can be shaped and customized to bring out a youthful appearance, or how an eyelash enhancement can open an eye giving the look of fuller lashes, this was the true definition of beauty through simplicity. We can truly wake up with makeup!

She holds multiple certifications in permanent makeup and microblading from the top permanent makeup professionals. Christine is a highly sought after Colorado permanent makeup artist with over 500+ brows completed. To boot, her clientele has grown primarily through client referrals. While passions run deep in the studio they also run deep in Education and empowerment. As a certified educator for esthetics, Christine teaches the importance of partnering with leading professionals, only using top notch products and seeking innovative techniques.

Official Elleebana Trainer Number #TR16241

Elleebana Certified Trainer in:

Elleebana Lash Lift

Brow Henna

Phone: 720.849.6221

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