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Elizabeth Uehara

Honolulu, Hawaii

Elizabeth Uehara has 30+ years of experience and education in the beauty industry. A long time business owner and licensed Cosmetologist. Educated in Honolulu, trained in Los Angeles, she started her business in Seattle and relocated back to Honolulu.

Fifteen years doing business in Hawaii now, she says, “I love details and that’s why I got into the beauty business.” Keratin Lash Lifts, Lash & Brow Darkening, Brow Shaping and Facials make getting ready in the mornings faster and easier. She’s a mom of three and manages her full time lash lifting business. “I’m all about simplifying my ready routine, looking pulled together in 5 minutes is all we need now, since a mask covers the rest of our face. Take time for yourself, lashes and brows are all we see now.” Elizabeth loves helping women and men feel and look their best, especially during such crazy times.

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