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Moana Yee

The Woodlands, Texas

I am so grateful to be a part of the Best Industry- Uplifting Others! Growing up in Garden Grove California didn’t seem like the coolest, until I moved away to Spring, Texas!

I grew up about 7-10min from Disneyland! I cannot express how much of a Disney Freak I am! Alot of my time I spent in the theme park with my Locals Pass, $25!

Thru out Elementary school, the fireworks from Disney would be my “time to come inside ” alarm for the evening. Every night in the summer, Disneyland Park sets off their fireworks show at 9pm sharp! We would ride our bikes everywhere, until the big BANG in the sky at 8:55pm, the heads up! My friends and I would watch from my roof or my front patio. 15min later… Goodnight! Feeling blessed and still excited inside like the child!

This excitement I carry with me thru my atmosphere and my work. I’ve been a Licensed Cosmetologist since 2009 and Lashes and Brows have carried me all the way through the years! My passion is driven by the beautiful people that I get to service with my gifts. My career has supported myself and 2 sons since they were 5yrs old.

Currently my partner and I own Aloha Lash Resort, specializing in Lashes & Brows. This project is also our baby. We decided to not have children together, but build businesses together! The lessons we’ve learned along the way have helped us form the strongest bond and foundation.

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