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Samantha Muñoz

Chicago, Illinois

Hi I’m Samantha! I dove head first into the lash industry in 2017, shortly after becoming a licensed esthetician. My journey started as a student in the lash extension course taught by my current employer and owner of Butterfly Kiss Lash Studio and Elleebana USA General Manager, Mindy Lam. Shortly after graduating from Universal Spa Training Academy I was offered a position at, what was then, Mindy’s brand-new lash studio, BKLS.

Together, we worked as lash artists as the business grew and established a solid reputation as one of Wheaton’s most high-end eyelash studios. As BKLS quickly flourished, so did my accomplishments as a lash artist. As of today, I am proudly certified in classic and volume lash extensions, brow henna and lash lifts. Not only am I extremely proud to have certifications by some of the most reputable brands in the industry but I have also joined the team of trainers for the world-renowned Australian brand, Elleebana, along with teaching lash extension courses at the same school I graduated from. I have come full circle from a student to an educator. Learning the essential fundamentals of lashing and importance of preserving lash health is what set me up for the best future I could have asked for in the beauty industry. A strong foundation and confidence in ability is what I hope to provide for new lash artists as the classes I took years ago provided me. Being able to transfer my infatuation with lashes into a career that is always growing and evolving is one of the most rewarding decisions I could have made for myself. I believe in having faith in the process and following the signs we trust will lead us to our goals. One key principle l have learned throughout my career is that determination and proper knowledge is all you need; the rest is what you make of it!

Official Elleebana Trainer Number #TR16528

Elleebana Certified Trainer in:

Elleebana Lash Lift 

Brow Henna

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