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Kileigh Johnson

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Warehouse Supervisor

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Kristy-Lee Roberts


Your Master Trainer is always your first point of contact for coaching, mentoring, training or product questions, and training policies and procedures. If they are not available or you have a different question, our USA HQ office is always here to help you also! Feel free to call or email anytime! It’s also a good idea to add the Master Trainer and HQ teams (AU & USA) on Facebook, that way you can stay connected to what is happening brand-wide.

When to contact who:

Master Trainer

• Coaching or mentoring
• Product or service tech support
• Training policies and procedures
• Training or product questions
• Forms and documents
• Bootcamps for existing trainers


• Student questions
• Certification questions
• How to submit your student documentation after a class
• Questions about leads
• Trainer website questions
• Manual allocations
• Send her student testimonials and make sure we have their permission to use it!
• Looking for a document, form, or promotional material? Sandy can get you to the right place with just about any question!


Use the orders@elleebana.com email if:

• You have a question about inventory
• You have a question about ordering products or manuals
• You have a question or issue about a product or shipment

Use the usa@elleebana.com email if:

• Complaints or issues from a student or about a student
• Elleebana USA website questions (if you need to change your trainer information)
• Leave of Absence Requests
• Trainer State Transfer Requests, or adding a state
• Tradeshow inquiries


• Tech support for a product or service
• Social Media questions or guidance
• Trainer course templates


• Adding a training line
• USA Elleebana Events
• Marketing questions
• Anything else you feel needs to come my way!

Although Australia HQ has an open door, we do want to respect how busy they are managing 60+ countries and their own team, and we are set up here in this office to be able to help you first. If needed, we can always reach out to AU HQ to get an answer for you. We are your liaison between the USA and Australia. It is our job to make sure you are supported, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Master Trainer or USA HQ with questions or concerns!

We also ask that you fully read all emails that come from our USA HQ office or AU HQ. There can be a lot of emails at times, but they are all important and may require an update to a product or training protocol, so please read them in their entirety and carefully. Please save the emails we send and file them. More often than not you will need to refer back to them later for something, or we will reference them in the future. We do provide random and recurring trainer website evaluations to make sure images, pricing, and protocols are correct and the brand is being represented in the best possible light.

Spanish Trainers

Did you know our USA website can be easily translated into Spanish? In the upper right corner, click on “SELECT LANGUAGE” and then, SPANISH. If you are trying to communicate with a Spanish-speaking student or customer, you can easily refer them to our website for more information. If they are interested in training, we have approved Spanish-speaking Elleebana trainers that you can refer your leads to. They can be found on this page of our website.

If you are fluent in Spanish, and would like to consider teaching our Elleebana courses in Spanish, please contact our office at usa@elleebana.com for more information and to apply to be an approved Spanish Trainer for Elleebana. All of our manuals and online courses have been translated into Spanish to be able to accommodate our Spanish speaking customers and students! We are always looking to add more Spanish speaking trainers, so please let us know if you are interested!

Online Trainers

New trainers are brought on as hands-on educators. At 90-days in, an email is sent out asking if the trainer would like to add Conversion Courses to their training (more on this in a later section).

Online trainers are approved by Elleebana HQ. You may only train online if you have been approved and certified as an Online Trainer. HQ will open up applications on occasion. If you have an interest, please contact usa@elleebana.com.


The following links are to forms that are housed on our shared Google Drive and will be detailed throughout this document on when and how to utilize them. These forms are updated often, so please ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions.














What’s Covered in This Section

• Course Dates
• Course Templates
• Social Media
• Trainer Websites
• Email Templates
• Keeping Yourself Organized
• Filling Your Classes
• A Note About Territories
• Course Materials
• How to Order
• Extra Kits & Manuals
• Setting up Your Training Venue
• Course Pricing
• Students & Models

Course Dates


We have carefully crafted for you a list of advertising/course date allocation requirements because the more Elleebana courses you offer, the more date allocations you need to offer to your students. From the research we have done, the trainers who offer the most dates generally have the most student sign-ups.

If the course is approaching (within 2 weeks), and you haven’t filled the minimum student requirements, you can close the registration for that class with enough time to fill your salon book and not experience any business interruption, if needed however the brand needs to be able to promote your classes and redirect students to advertised dates which is why we have these course advertisement requirements.

You can schedule course dates out as far in advance as you like, we invite you to do so! Obviously, if you are a trainer in both lash lift and henna, these two classes cannot be held on the same day and the class structures must always be followed. However, it can be beneficial to offer them two days in a row if you have students traveling.

Once you have plotted out your course dates for the next several months, please email them to admin@elleebana.com so that we can advertise them on our site and also notate on your profile that they have been submitted. This is helpful for us so that when we get calls or emails from potential students, we can advise them what is in their area and direct them to the appropriate trainer. We also use your course dates to send out email blasts to our subscriber lists, with links to our Event Calendar on our website and your course dates.

We have had some feedback that the required course dates were too difficult to meet. It is always our goal to be able to listen to feedback if something is not working and to come to a solution. We have revised the course date monthly requirements, and they will go into effect immediately.

Course Advertising Requirements as of 9/16/2022:

Courses You Teach

And the Minimum Classes Advertised Per Month

Lash Lift

Lash Lamination

Lash Extensions

Brow Lamination

Brow Henna

Lash Lift & Lash Lamination *

* (If you teach both courses, you can either advertise 2 x Lash Lift courses or 2 x Lash Lamination courses or 1 of each course type)

Lash Lift, Lash Lamination, & Lash Extensions **

** (If you teach all 3 of these courses, one must be Lash Extensions, and the other can be either Lash Lift or Lash Lamination)

Brow Henna & Brow Lamination ***

*** (if you teach both courses, you can either advertise 2 x Brow Lamination courses or 2 x Brow Henna courses or 1 of each course type)

Course Templates


With turning in your course dates to Sandy comes the task of posting them to the Facebook group: Elleebana USA Trainers – official. The thread you’re going to look for was posted by Kileigh Johnson and Holly Edwards on August 10th and it says “NEW YEAR, NEW THREAD”. You’ll post your course templates here in the comments.

We have so many Elleebana Educators in the USA and we have many eager eyes on our @elleebanausa IG platform that providing these course dates will enable an effective method for potential students to reach out to their nearest Elleebana Educator effectively and efficiently. When you add your course template to this post in FB, Kileigh will do a “curriculum share” to your state’s highlight reel on our USA IG.

If you go to our Elleebana USA IG and find your state’s highlight, you’ll see your Trainer Card there, followed by your course templates. Potential students and our HQ teams use these highlight reels to send you leads and to find your classes, so it is important that these are kept up to date. They are kept up to date by you posting them in the FB group, and we share them to IG.

To be shared, your ‘Course Templates’ MUST include:

1. First and Last name
2. City and State
3. Email or Contact Number
4. Social Media Handle
5. Course Name
6. Date of Course
7. Website URL

Please keep the course templates on brand with your design and color selections.

Our HQ Master Trainer handles our curriculum sharing and Elleebana USA IG, and will be checking this thread each week to update our audience on the new month’s up-and-coming ‘Elleebana Curriculum Dates’ on the Elleebana USA Instagram. If you add more than one date on your post, please amend this, when necessary, when you are ‘SOLD OUT’ or ‘REGISTRATION CLOSED’. This will be your responsibility to amend this and reshare this. Please post your curriculum dates at least 2-3 months in advance to provide your potential students’ the opportunity to be involved in another one of your curriculum dates, if unable to attend the current one. I will also tell you that when our Australia head office gets a lead on social media for the USA, the highlight reel on our USA IG is the first place they will send the student to for their state. If you don’t post your templates in the Trainers Facebook group, they won’t end up on the IG highlight reel, and potential students won’t know you have upcoming class dates for them to join. Zoe often comments to me about states that have no templates posted in their highlight reels, so it’s a good time to review this protocol and ensure we are completing this task as individual trainers. You will want to ensure that your state is being well represented! This is a small step that can lead to big results.

Every trainer has been sent their own Course Templates personalized to them to use once they are signed off as a trainer. These are used to advertise your classes with space to provide all the information that your student may need to know how, where, and when to sign up. If you need these again, please contact admin@elleebana.com.

We will do our best to promote you and your courses. However, remember this is also your responsibility to promote your courses also. Your training course dates must be on your website, including basic information of what the course includes, what you offer, upcoming course dates, prices if you choose to list them, how to contact you and of course how to book and pay for the course. If you need some ideas of what to include on your site, you can view the course information on our website here. More on websites in an upcoming section of this document!

We highly recommend posting your course dates and templates wherever you can on your own business social media, social media forums that allow course promotions, your website, schools, beauty stores, google ads, Facebook ads, etc. Get creative with your community outreach to attract students your way, don’t just rely on just one avenue or platform to book your classes.

Social Media


One thing we will look at throughout the year is that your social media bios mention that you are an Elleebana Educator, that you have a way to either book through your bio or a link that leads back to your website for students to book in with you.

We want to make the booking process as easy and seamless as possible for students. Posting some tips and tricks about our products and services is a great way to show the world you’re an Elleebana Expert! Before and after images on your profile are great to catch the attention of potential students, and videos are leading the way over photos these days on social platforms! You can also share @elleebana and @elleebanausa’s stories, videos, photos, etc.

Another way you can participate in social media is to be active in the Facebook forums. These are the lash and brow groups on Facebook where you’ll see people who use all different brands post questions and comments about services and products. It’s great to have Elleebana Trainers and Distributors in these groups (some groups require approval to join, but it’s great to be a member of several, there are hundreds of them!). I am vividly aware that some Facebook groups can come and go, but some groups are very active and many trainers have gotten students from simply answering someone else’s question and their communication was seen by others who then looked them up. These groups can be hot and active one minute, and then next they fall off the radar. You have to follow where the people are going for support and advice. I also understand that many of our trainers support their training businesses through other platforms such as Instagram, so I do not want to make it a requirement that you’re in the Facebook forums if your training business is excelling by using other platforms. I do want you to know and understand the opportunity that the forums can provide you.

The forums offer you an opportunity to provide support to Elleebana customers and students. This means helping people who ask questions, provide tech support and feedback. If you are going to do this, it would be worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the communication levels and responses that our AU and USA Master Trainers give in forums so you can also do the same. You can do this by going through Lash lifting Society and search for each one of the Australian educator’s names, as a good starting point:

a. Amy Carnelley
b. Amie Buckley
c. Kristy-Lee Roberts
d. Anieka Mudford

These are our main social media educators in AU but also Otto and Zoe provide feedback and support regularly as well. Read how they have handled questions and responses, and you can even copy and paste these responses into your own “cheat sheet” document especially for standard questions that are asked often. You can then personalize the response and make it sound less copy/paste each time but it’s a good way to really get you going in forums and offering support and assistance to students and customers. It also helps build your profile as the USA Educator which is super important.  You never know who is watching, sometimes you can get leads and students from people who were watching the threads but never actually asked a question themselves.

Being in forums also gives you a chance to promote the brand. A comment in all of the groups when people ask “what lash brand” can go a long way, especially if you add something impactful such as a link to a promo video, or a few words about why they should choose Elleebana.

Whenever someone is asking “what brand/what course/what products” we can never have too many people recommending our brand and oftentimes when HQ sees that, Zoe will post it in the AU group and ask their and our office team to comment also to help get the army in on the post.

If it’s a “I am looking to buy Elleebana and I am in X location” Providing a link to our where to buy page on our website but also saying that you are happy to connect them with a distributor if they would like and then DM’ing them the details of the nearest distributor is a great way to respond.  However, if a distributor for Elleebana has already commented, I generally leave the sale to them to make. It is not in good taste to stack our distribution team against each other on these posts.

Generally speaking, if you feel uncertain of how or when to respond – you can reach out to any of our Master Trainers and ask for assistance, or post in our USA Trainers Facebook group, and one of us can assist and we are really happy to do so.  If you are wanting to post a comment or an educational post but you aren’t certain about it, Kileigh in our HQ USA office or our Master Trainer team is happy to help review your post and assist you.  Please feel free to chat with them, DM them, and seek guidance on ANYTHING. Kileigh is starting to handle a lot of our USA social media, so she is a great resource for you!

If you’d like to submit a list of groups that you are active in, we are happy to look at the support you are providing and assist with up-leveling that skill for you if we can! If you’re active on social media outside of Facebook, you can let me know that as well. It’s really all about creating and managing your personal training brand for yourself, and being looked to as the expert, which will help you to attract more students.

Trainer Website

Requirements updated 7/01/2022:


As Elleebana Educators, it is important for students to know where and how to find you, and for you to be able to build a brand for yourself as a trainer. We do have the expectation that trainers have their own website or webpage, and will be reinforcing this with some additional focus beginning in our contract year for 2022/2023.

If you work with a Sub-Distributor who also wants to host a spot for you on their website, that’s great! This does not take the place of your own trainer site. This can be a page on your salon website, or a stand-alone site. If for some reason you part ways with the Sub-Distributor or they close their business, then all of your training leads are not lost. This also helps you to lock in your own students, and when HQ sends you a lead, it will go to your own personal website.

Please ensure the following criteria are met on your Trainer Website:

• Bio
• Headshot & Trainer Number OR Trainer Card
• Contact Information including your social media links
• Current Course Dates
• Course Descriptions (You can find the course(s) you teach on this page of our website and copy the information over to your own site.)

◦ Information about each course to include: Course Overview, Topics Covered, Course Price, Course Inclusions, Important Times, Model Requirements, Important Notes, Additional Notes – again this is all listed on our website for each course.

• An easy way for the student to book, such as a BOOK NOW button.

Website evaluations are completed for you with the intention of passing you more leads. You see, when we post your course dates from the Facebook thread to the IG story, we try to place a link so that it would filter directly through to your “sign up now” page. There have been recent times where we have given up on sending some leads to specific trainers because their website does not provide the student the information they need to find out about courses, see dates for classes, or be able to sign up directly on the website. Any extra steps the student has to endure such as contacting you via email or phone to book a class, means you are giving the impulsive student the opportunity to look elsewhere and you risk losing them completely. It is imperative that you go through your own website on a regular basis with the student experience in mind, so you can determine how successful they will be at signing up. A good exercise is to have a friend who has never been on your website, pretend to book a course with you, and see if they can catch a snag anywhere.

It’s also important to have all the course information, course inclusions, model information, important notes, etc. all detailed on your website. Please use the course pages on our website to see what information you’d like to include on your own site. You can find our course pages here.

Email Templates

Email templates can help you to save heaps of time when responding to leads, students, and answering tech support questions. Here are some ways you can use email templates:

1. When responding to a training lead (one for each line that you teach)
2. When sending an email to a new student who has just registered (one for each line you teach)
3. When emailing a student just before class
4. When emailing a student right after class to remind them of case studies (if applicable) and to send helpful links. To save you some time on this one, make sure your Criteria Checklist has been turned in IMMEDIATELY following class, on the same day of class, and we will do the work for you with the links! We have auto-emails that are generated to go out to the student to provide additional resources, but that can’t happen unless we enter your CC into the system. To avoid confusing your student with untimely emails, please ensure your CC’s are turned in on the day of class.

If you need help with writing templates, you can schedule a meeting with your MT, who can provide examples or proof any email templates that you create for accuracy and provide additional feedback. We will have some email templates drafted up for your use coming soon!

The student/customer experience means everything to Elleebana. In every communication that our trainers have with a student or customer, you are representing the leading global brand for lash and brow products and education. You will need to think about the experience your students or customers receive during your communications, as well as how easy it is to navigate your website, sign up for a class, and find information.

Keeping Yourself Organized

You’ll need a way to keep your students organized so you always can reference where they are at in the process of becoming certified. One easy way to do this is to create a spreadsheet that you will start to fill out for each student as they register for your classes. I have created a template that you can use here and have included an example student on line 2 for you. You can even color code them (green for completed and certified, yellow for in progress, etc.) OR color code them by which course they are taking if you teach more than one line. Feel free to use this tool and make it your own! This is simply a tool to help you stay organized, you can alter it to suit your needs, or use your own method.

Filling Your Classes

Finding Students

Although you may get leads on occasion from HQ as people call and email our office looking for a trainer, you are ultimately responsible for filling your classes by your own means. The students you put through will be a reflection of the work you put into marketing yourself.

Some great places to start would be the many Facebook and online forums by providing tech support and establishing a reputation in the groups. We also highly recommend becoming involved in your community. Do other local salons and beauty schools know who you are? Some schools have job fairs or career days, ask how you can become involved with the school.

Leads from HQ

From time-to-time HQ may send you a training lead that comes into our office via email or phone. We do our best to send them to their nearest trainer, and we also reference the next course date that we show is available on our course calendar on our website. If you have not turned in dates to Sandy, we may end up sending that student to a trainer nearby who has training dates scheduled.

On the annual Trainer Progress Reports, we track how many leads we have sent through to each trainer, and what the outcome was. We do our best to vet the lead prior to sending it to the trainer by making sure they are licensed; however, the lead doesn’t always provide us accurate information.

Promotion on Social Media

Social Media, to some, is a necessary evil. It is important to have an understanding of how social media can work for you and your training business.

You can choose to have a business and a personal profile on socials, or use your personal AS your business profile. Keep in mind that if you are using your personal profile to advertise that you are an Elleebana trainer, you need to ensure that profile stays professional and doesn’t participate in controversial topics, as your personal profile is your business profile and you are representing the brand as well as your business and personal life.
You can take into consideration choosing one the different types of Instagram profiles:

1. Business profile gives you things like insights but prevents you from using popular music in your reels

2. Creator profile gives you the ability to use popular music in your reels which helps draw more attention to your account as your reels will be found in the search

3. Personal profile

We also recommend going Live on socials, you can schedule them and build hype for them, or pop up spontaneously!

It’s important to create engagement and motivation on socials, while supporting and promoting brand awareness.

A Note About Territories

Your territory as defined in your trainer contract is your home state. If you have been additionally approved to train in a state outside of your home state, it will appear on your contract and may mean you have two separate Master Trainers that you may be required to communicate with, and two states’ worth of course advertising requirements to abide by. In some cases, you may be approved to train in a state other than your home state, for example if you live on or near a state border, or have your training facility in a neighboring state. This will be reflected on your contract, which would mean you are not able to train in your home state, and you may only train in the state you have listed on your contract.

Each state has a trainer cap for how many trainers per line we will bring on based on population. It is possible that a trainer may be approved within your state and in your same town. There are no restrictions by zip code, city, or proximity to other trainers within a state for when a trainer spot is advertised for a state or when a new potential trainer applies.

If you are contacted by a salon outside of your territory (state) or receive an opportunity to teach outside of your territory on a specific occasion (and not regularly) for HANDS ON classes, please contact usa@elleebana.com to seek approval to teach outside your territory for that occurrence. It is important for us to know where you will be teaching since your contract only allows for you to train within the state that is listed on your contract.

If you have a state near you that is not being covered by a trainer, and you’d like information on taking on that state, please contact USA HQ. This would mean, as previously mentioned, that you have two Master Trainers, two states to advertise in, and that it is a temporary approval until that state is filled with a trainer who lives there, unless you are looking for a permanent situation.

If you are moving to a new state and want to transfer your training to that state, please complete the Trainer Transfer Request Form, and submit it to USA HQ for approval.

Course Materials

Required materials for students of Brow Henna Courses are:

1. Manual & Cert Package (The manual is purchased by you and shipped to you, the certificate you do not physically get, as you are paying the admin fee for us to process the certificate and send it to your student virtually from HQ)
2. Elleebana Brow Henna Kit
3. Brow Henna Course Pack (Required):
a. 1 each of the Precision Brow Pencils (3 total)
b. Elleebana Measuring Tape

How To Order


An Elleebana Brow Henna Kit, manual and certification, and course pack are all required to be provided to each and every student that signs up for an Elleebana Brow Henna course. It is the trainer’s responsibility to provide the disposables for your own demo as well as for students to use in the classes, which may include items such as 4x4s, Q-tips, gloves, masks, squirt bottles, microbrushes, and tissues.

Manuals and certification are sold together as a package for $35 and are only sold from the USA Headquarters warehouse on the Elleebana-USA website. Sub-Distributors or other trainers do not sell manuals and cannot issue certificates. To purchase these from HQ, please visit our website, and scroll to the bottom of the page under QUICK LINKS labeled “DISTRIBUTORS LOGIN” You can also access the Shopify store directly using this link: https://elleebana-usa.myshopify.com/.

Distributors and Trainers are then taken to a login page. You can login using the email that you already have in our system and have previously been provided with. The Password that you will enter at this stage is “lift2newheights”. This will be the same for everyone and just gives you access to the shop. Each Trainer will create and have your own passwords/logins for your own personal accounts on the store. This is how you are able to securely store your credit card information and other payment details. We will not have access on our end to your login info that you create for your own account.

If you are new to our training program, once your account is created, please send an email to orders@elleebana.com so we can activate your discount rate on the website and allow all the appropriate credentials on our site. Please ensure this happens before you place your first order.

Your trainer promo code is LEVELUPEDU which will give you the 30% trainer discount. Only our active Trainers will be able to use this code, and it will be activated for you once you have created your account with us.

Our store is set up for only our partner schools, distributors and trainers, as we do not sell directly to customers. Please do not provide the main store login, or share your login email and password, or promo code to anyone else.

You will only be able to see manuals in the store that you have been approved to teach. Please note that we also have all of our courses translated into SPANISH, so if you would like to also teach in Spanish (meaning you are able to speak, read, and can completely communicate in Spanish AND have been approved to teach Spanish by HQ and it is listed on your contract), please let HQ know so we can get you setup to be able to purchase and sell the Spanish Elleebana Brow Henna Course.

You are always welcome to purchase your kits and course packs from our HQ website, however we also allow the option to support our Sub-Distribution network and order the Elleebana Lash Lift Kits or course packs through them if that makes sense for you, perhaps the freight is cheaper or faster from a Sub-Distributor that is closer to you and so we encourage relationships between our trainers and Sub-Distributors. You can find a Sub-Distributor nearest to you by using this link. The only thing that MUST be purchased directly from HQ is the manual + cert package. You are free to purchase the rest from whoever you wish.

If you choose to purchase from a Sub-Distributor, please discuss with them being set up on a trainer’s rate and how to purchase. Also please note you will still need to purchase the required manuals and certification through the Elleebana-USA HQ.

Having Extra Kits & Manuals on Hand

We recommend having a small additional quantity of manuals, kits and course packs on hand in case you have someone wanting to join your class last minute so that you are able to accommodate them without having to wait for items to be shipped to you. Please remember however that stockpiling manuals can result in a newer release of a manual being run and students will only ever want the latest version of a manual/training package. We do not reimburse or trade in older manuals for newer versions. The most current volume is what will always be available from HQ. If you load up on manuals and then a revision comes out, you will have a short amount of time to use the older version before being required to use the updated version. We will always try to give you advance notice when this happens but cannot guarantee a time frame.

Each manual that is sold from the USA HQ is allocated immediately to yourself, the trainer, in our system. This means we monitor this manual whereabouts and the quantity that you have on hand that is not yet allocated to a student. This process ensures that when a student contacts the USA or AU HQ’s, we review their details that you have submitted on the student’s Criteria Checklist the day of class (which we discuss further down this document) and can guarantee that the student is in fact a trained student with a certified Elleebana Educator as well as which version of training they have received.

Sometimes this can be a bit of a balance but please know that if we receive a Criteria Checklist without there being any manuals allocated to you, we will not be able to move forward with this student as it would appear to us that the student has been trained without the allocation of a manual and therefore outside of the training requirements.

Setting Up Your Training Space

There is a professional standard and expectation that must be met when it comes to your training space.

Elleebana Trainers are representing the brand and also trying to build your own business reputation for being an Educator of high standards. You also may be training students who are relatively new to the industry and raising the standards for the industry as a whole can start with the student’s learning environment. As part of the application process for new trainers, we now require photos or video of their training spaces.

Training from home (no matter if it is your home or your student’s home) is not acceptable unless the area of your home you are training in has been properly zoned and insured for this type of training and services and is separated from the living spaces of the house. Proof of this must be provided to USA HQ prior to any classes being held if you are training in your home.

Cleanliness, safety and representation of the brand must be at the highest of standards. This means that it is your responsibility to be willing and able to provide an environment that meets or exceeds your local or state guidelines for safety and sanitation as per your licensing requirements, that is suitable and comfortable for learning theory and hands-on practice. This means having an environment that is clean, up to code (including an emergency eye-wash setup if required), pet-free, and well-lit.

Equipment expectations for your training venue include massage tables or reclining zero gravity chairs, bowls, mirrors, appropriate lighting for beauty services/lash and brow services, proper sanitation equipment and solutions, tables and/or chairs for students during the theory portion of the class, restrooms on site, sink on site, adequate and appropriate waste disposal and the venue should be appropriate and accessible for your use, including being properly insured and/or zoned for this specific function.

It is recommended that you incorporate professional training tools such as white boards, chalk boards, or flip chart boards. There are several reasons to do this:

• Not all students learn best while just hearing the information as you talk about it

• Using tools for creating visual teaching content helps to keep the class engaged and gives them an opportunity to learn the same information they are hearing in another format, it will help with the retention of the information

• Using visual tools gives students an opportunity to take a photo of your diagrams/charts/etc. so they have something to refer back to later on to help their memory with what was being taught

Spacing students out between different rooms for demonstration or for the practical component of the training is not suitable as new students should not be left alone to perform services without the guidance of their Educator reviewing their work or being close by.

Brow Henna Training & Pricing

The minimum charge is $550 for an Elleebana Brow Henna course. If you are opting to charge more, please ensure your website clearly states what added value you are providing so that should a student question the additional increase in pricing it can be compared to others with clear definition of what addition is being offered.

We understand that salons may wish to have multiple students from the same salon attend the training but do not wish to pay the $550 rate for each student, as multiple kits are not necessary and will mean too much additional product. Here are the options for groups of salons that are interested in kit sharing.

1st Student
(Full paying)

Cost: $550

What is included:

Elleebana Brow Henna Kit plus required Course Pack: 1 ea of the Precision Brow Pencils and Elleebana Brow Measuring Tape, plus student manual and digital certificate

2nd Student
(additional attendee)

Cost: $35+ your chosen mark up

What is included:

Student manual and digital certificate

3rd Student
(additional attendee)

Cost: $35+ your chosen mark up

What is included:

Student manual and digital certificate

4th Student
(Full paying)

Cost: $550

What is included:

Elleebana Brow Henna Kit plus required Course Pack: 1 ea of the Precision Brow Pencils and Elleebana Brow Measuring Tape, plus student manual and digital certificate

5th Student
(additional attendee)

Cost: $35+ your chosen mark up

What is included:

Student manual and digital certificate

6th Student
(additional attendee)

Cost: $35+ your chosen mark up

What is included:

Student manual and digital certificate

TOTAL if maximum
student attendance

Cost: $1240
+ your chosen mark up


We ask that a cap charge price on the mark up fee is $350 as you students or salons will often return to HQ to ask us to justify these charges. Most trainers have been using the added markup of $150-$250 for the additional attendee pricing.

Please accept all payments ahead of time for your classes. If you are offering payment plans, please ensure you are organized and confirming that you have received the full payment with adequate time for you to then order your course items and have them shipped from the office. Please have all your terms and conditions for payment, refunds, no shows, cancellations, etc. very clear on your website, and it’s a good idea to have student acknowledge with an initial or signature that they agree to your terms when enrolling with you.

Your profit earned is the course price the student pays you, minus the cost of the manual and certification package, product kit, and course pack. You are responsible for any venue or parking fees, snacks, meals, or any other charges incurred to you to run your training.

Students & Models


Hands on classes- maximum of 4 students working on models at any given time. This usually means that your class will have a total of 4 students if they are all going to be working on models at the same time, or 8 if they are all only going to be working on each other. We recommend not taking on more students in one class than you can comfortably handle. Small class sizes mean more individualized attention.

Both the USA office and the AU office all firmly agree that having students perform services on two models is the best learning experience for the student, however we know that it isn’t always viable or possible to offer students a class structure that has time for two students in all circumstances, however, we require only one model. In the event that you have a team of skilled brow artists attending the class, or it’s a small class size you may opt to run with two models and there is no restriction on an educator having students work on two models, though one model per student is the set minimum requirement for a student to perform a service under the guidance of an Educator.

As an Educator it is a requirement that you also perform a demonstration of a brow henna treatment. This allows students to see the application in real time, ask questions and see the method in action instead of only seeing a video or reading the manual. This will mean you personally will require a demonstration model.

The student can provide their models, or you can provide them if you have the resources to do so. If there is more than one student and everyone is able, they can work on each other.


What’s Covered in This Section

• Dress Code
• Course Outline & Structures
• Technique Variation Form
• Upselling

Dress Code

It is important for you as the Educator to represent yourself, your business, and the brand in a professional manner at all times. The way you speak and present yourself can go a long way with your students. Wearing black is always a good option, on brand, and can look very clean and professional!

If a mask or gloves are required for class or demos, please let your students know before class. Long hair should be tied back for demos and while working on models.

Please note that we encourage you and your students to wear masks and gloves during all services.

If you will be having someone pop in to record video or take photos of you teaching this class to use for your own marketing purposes, it will be great to let the attendees know, so they can look their best, and you can have some say in the attire if needed.

Official Class Structures for Brow Henna


The following link is the class structure for Brow Henna. The class structure should be followed exactly. The goal is to have the same information delivered the same way no matter what state you’re in. A student should get the same experience with each class. Of course, add your own personality and examples, but keep to the class structure.


Technique Variation Form

Some trainers will choose to show their students a technique that is not listed in the procedure that is in the manual. We have a form for this so that the student understands that some of the techniques that may be shown in the training session go outside of the Elleebana training manual recommendations. It’s a good idea to keep the signed form on file and to also send in a copy of this to Sandy when you submit your student for certification.


Photo Taking Practice

Help remind your students to take photos of their models as they would for case studies, even though they are not required to submit case studies, so they also gain the knowledge of how to capture and submit photos.

After the models, you will have the students complete the Criteria Checklist. This will need to be fully filled out, signed by both you and the student, and sent in to admin@elleebana.com the day of class.

This is a good time to take pictures of the group for social media and to promote that you have trained a group of students today and if you want to have them complete a survey for feedback or do a video testimonial for you that is a great time to do this as well. Feel free to send this content to us so we can help to promote you on our channels! Please send photos and videos to marketing@elleebana.com and education@elleebana.com – testimonials can go to usa@elleebana.com.

Upsell in Your Class

After class, you are encouraged to up-sell items relevant to the brand and line you’re teaching. This would be a great time to check to see if they wanted to take any additional items home with them and a brilliant way to maximize your profit for the day. You may also talk about other Elleebana or Elleeplex Profusion courses available; however, if you train for other brands or products that are competitive to that of which Elleebana offers, we request that you do not discuss this during the Elleebana class time frame.


What’s Covered in This Section

• Criteria Checklists
• Certificate
• Follow-Up
• Class Extensions

Criteria Checklists: On the Same Day as Class

Right after class, on the same day, you will submit the student’s professional beauty license and fully completed and signed Criteria Checklist to admin@elleebana.com.

Please make sure that there is a date at the top location, it is legibly completed and signed by both you and the student. If you can’t make out the letters correctly, please seek the students’ corrections before submitting to the office as the student will be processed into our system then with incorrect details.

When submitting your student’s license and CC to admin@elleebana.com, it would be very helpful to label the files in all caps as follows:


Additionally, labeling the student’s License and CC in this same manner is also helpful. Here are examples using Andrea as the Student:

Labeling the files that you email over to us makes it quick and easy for us to organize these into your student’s file in your trainer folder.

There are several reasons why these documents need to be submitted the day of class. As you purchase manuals from HQ, they are assigned to your trainer profile. Sending in your student’s CC assigns the manual from you to the student, which helps us manage your allocated and unallocated manual numbers.

In addition to this one of the most important reasons to send in your student paperwork immediately following class is because once your student is entered into our system, workflow emails are triggered through our system which sends to your student a welcome email to invite them to Elleebana and offers resources for them to use along their training journey. It is important for the ultimate student experience that the workflow emails are triggered immediately following their class as it also activates the follow-up emails.

Finally, if there was an emergency or accident, and you couldn’t communicate with your students and were placed on an emergency medical or family leave, we can ensure that the students wouldn’t miss a beat with their training and would be looked after in your absence.

Here is a link to the current Brow Henna Criteria Checklist. This can also be found at the end of the manuals.

Send an email that day or the next day thanking them for attending class, and letting them know where they can purchase products after class or prompting them to follow any relevant social media accounts/groups or forums.

Don’t forget to update your Student Tracker spreadsheet at this stage if you choose to use it to manage your students.


Once your student has completed the course and you have submitted your Criteria Checklist the day of class, admin@elleebana.com will send your graduate a digital copy of their certificate. If they prefer a paper copy, we are happy to send them one by mail for a $15 fee. You will have to collect the $15 fee and let us know at admin@elleebana.com that you would like to be invoiced for a $15 printed certificate.

You will be sent an email from admin@elleebana.com informing you when your graduate’s certificate was sent out and if they asked to be added to our salon finder their salon would be added by our Administrative Assistant the same day their certificate was issued.

Follow Up

It is a nice gesture to send your graduate a thank you note for training with you. Make sure to provide the graduate with ongoing support and add them to the certified stylists page if they would like to be on it. Also, make sure they know how and where to buy supplies or advise them that you welcome any feedback on their learning experience with you. Ask them to submit a testimonial for you and your class, and you can send this testimonial to usa@elleebana.com and we will promote it on our platforms for you! We assume by sending us testimonials that you have gained permission by your students for us to use it.

Class Extensions

Keep in mind that if your online student needs an extension, that needs to be approved through academy@elleebana.com. HQ will not allow any extensions unless the trainer feels that the student has been responsive enough to be considered for the extension. If the student has still not completed their course in the 30-day extension a $50 fee may be charged in order to allow for a 2nd 30-day extension. After 60 days if the student still has not completed their course they will need to re-purchase and re-enroll in a training course.


Our company’s End of Financial Year is June 30th, which means we start preparing for year-end several months in advance. A new year means sending out Trainer Progress Reports and the issuing of trainer contract renewals. It’s an exciting time indeed!

The Trainer Progress Reports are updated each year, and can include things such as:

• A training snapshot, showing how many students were trained and certified by you
• How many manuals you have purchased, and how many remain unallocated to students
• If you have advertised the required number of course dates each month
• Compliance with turning in all of your CC’s to admin@elleebana.com the day of class
• How many leads were sent to you by HQ, and how many of those have become students
• A Trainer Website evaluation
• Social Media evaluation
• Communication with your Master Trainer and HQ, and involvement in any programs offered
• Any new events or information we have to roll out to you at that point
• Achievements, improvements needed, and goals
• A review of the information we have on file for you

Generally, once your Trainer Progress Report is signed and returned, we can issue you a contract renewal if you have met all trainer expectations.


What’s Covered in This Section

• Articles and Tools
• Promotional Folders
• Logo Suites
• Product Images
• 2022 MMP

Promotional Folders


2023 Master Mentor Program