2023 Elleebana Symposium; Packing for Portugal
2023 Elleebana Symposium; Packing for Portugal

The Elleebana Symposium a.k.a event of the year is back for 2023! This year the highly anticipated event is taking place in the enchanting landscapes of Portugal.

The Elleebana Symposium brings together our lash and brow trainers and distributors from around the world. Organized by Otto, Zoe and the Elleebana team, the multi-day event designed to foster learning, connection and inspiration.

Our Symposiums offer a weekend full of professional development, mastering new techniques, Q&A presentations and refining skills (oh, and sometimes a cheeky dance party).

We are passionate about empowering, enlightening and inspiring our team worldwide, despite the challenges of connecting with them from Australia. Investing in these events means we can create an environment where success is achievable for everyone. Plus, with such a high calibre of lash artists in the Ellee-fam, who better to learn from than each other?

This event has seen the global Elleebana team travel to Las VegasLondon, Canada and this year, the team is preparing to land in Portugal. This year’s Symposium is particularly special as we will be reconnecting with our European community for the first time since before the pandemic.

For a glimpse into what we have in store for the 2023 Elleebana Symposium, just take a look at 2022.

We’re excited to take you along on the journey!