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You have come to our site to see what we are about.

Our story is simple, we LOVE lashes and brows. We shoot for the stars and lift lashes to new heights. Our addiction is real, our passion is popping and there is nothing more we crave than offering excellence in service and innovation in products.

Elleebana USA Owners Zoe & Otto Mitter
Elleebana Distributor Sephora


Our distribution throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Asia, UK, Europe & USA encompasses a network offering the highest level of sales, training and salon support.

When you buy products from an Elleebana or Belmacil distributor you can rest assured that you are purchasing from the world’s most trusted and respected distributors within Australia and worldwide.

We supply to over 60 countries worldwide.

Elleebana Training Courses


You’ve heard how fun our training is, haven’t you? Our Master Trainers are handpicked because their lash game is strong and their brow definition is cutting edge.

Novice or experienced? We have something for you! Our training is fun, exciting, modern and jam-packed with skills and techniques that will keep your clients coming back for more. When you sign up for an Elleebana course you sign up for the complete lash experience.

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Elleebana is available in 60+ countries around the world and growing due to the superior quality of the products, outstanding results that can be achieved and leading training programs to give stylists the competitive edge to succeed in the fast-paced world of beauty.



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Elleebana Excellence Awards 2021

We are so excited to officially welcome our first ever Elleebana Excellence Awards for 2021. We recognise and acknowledge the exceptional team that make up the Elleebana community that we have today. The categories are: ⚡️ Distributor of the Year (EU/ UK/ Africa/...

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How to increase retention

Lash extensions is no doubt, a treatment that requires precision, numerous hours and nothing short of pure dedication to master. The intricate work and requirement to be ambidextrous are crucial, in the long run these skills you develop will allow you to grow your...

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Lash & brow lamination combination service

Elleeplex Profusion is the next generation in lash and brow lamination treatments and makes the perfect addition to all Lash and Brow Artists.   This unique system has been specifically formulated to create options for stylists wanting a dual option for both lash...

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