Here we will try to answer your most frequently asked questions regarding eyelash extensions.

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As we receive more FAQ’s they will be updated so check for updates or feel free to contact Elleebana Head Office if you have a question that you need support with.

How often should I replace my adhesive?


6 weeks to 3 months after opening if cared for correctly.
During the application you should be dispensing a new glue dot on your adhesive sticker or glue ring every 15-30 minutes. This will ensure you are using fresh glue that has not been over-exposed to air and moisture and improve the adhesion to the natural lash.


Is it safe to have eyelash extensions while pregnant?


Due to fluctuating hormone levels present in a woman’s body during pregnancy you may find that client’s tolerance for normal products might be more sensitive than usual and they can be more likely to experience irritation or perhaps reduced retention.
In the event of a reaction, a pregnant woman is not able to take antihistamines so ensuring they are made aware of these factors is important.
There is also the comfort factor of your client and laying on their backs can see the uterus pressure on the main vein that returns blood flow back to their heart from their lower body which can result in dizziness or perhaps the client passing out. Please refer to your insurance company and supplier to ask their recommendations on treatments during pregnancy.
Regardless of pregnancy or non-pregnancy you should always have an up-to-date indemnity form from your client on file that has their current medications or any developed allergies.


How long do eyelash extensions last and when should I perform a fill?


Eyelash extensions shed with the natural eyelash growth cycle, which is 3-6 weeks or sometimes longer. Around the 2-3 week mark you will start to notice gaps and at this time it is best to fill the lashes to keep them looking full.
Ultimately, retention will really come down to the individual’s eyelash growth cycle, application, aftercare and lifestyle. On average, we lose between 1-5 natural lashes per day. This means you can expect to lose up to 21 natural lashes in 7 days and up to 63 natural lashes will have fallen in 21 days.


What are the aftercare guidelines?


• Avoid excess moisture and hydrogen for the first 24 hours
• Do not rub the lashes or eyes excessively
• Do not wear mascara, oil-based eyeliners, creams, lotions or strip lashes
• Avoid excess steam from the shower, saunas or kitchens
• Cleanse your lashes with an oil-free cleanser, such as Elleebana Makeup Remover, daily after the first 24 hours
• Avoid sleeping on your face or crushing the lashes


When and why should I apply a Sample Set (Patch Test) and provide indemnity forms?


While Elleebana Extension Adhesives are medical grade and approved for use around the eye area, there is still a risk that clients can experience an allergic reaction due to their intolerance to the ingredients. Applying a Sample Set (Patch Testing) can decrease this risk and help to identify signs of sensitivities to any products or materials used. However, there is no guarantee a reaction will not occur.
It’s imperative to know the signs of a reaction and even though no product should come into contact with the skin or eyes, it is important to apply a Sample Set/Patch Test for all new clients or any changes of products you use during the treatment.
We recommend to keep an up-to-date indemnity form for all clients regardless of whether they agree to go ahead with the service, with or without a Sample Set/Patch Test and check with your insurance provider and their policy for indemnity forms.


What is correct temperature and humidity range for Elleebana Eyelash Extension Adhesives?


Due to the nature of eyelash extension adhesives, they require a specific environment to work to their optimal level.  Adhesives can cure faster or slower with the introduction of high or low humidity so monitoring this is important. Elleebana adhesive optimum working environment is 45 – 60% relative humidity and a room temperature of between 68 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit (20–28 degrees Celsius).
To monitor your room temperature and humidity you will need a hygrometer. You may also need to invest in an air conditioner, humidifier and/or dehumidifier if your room is not sitting in the correct range, and monitor as you progress through seasons and changing environmental conditions.


How do I keep care of my products?


Eyelash Extension Adhesives

Elleebana Eyelash Adhesive should be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. To improve the longevity of your adhesive performance we recommend to store in an air-tight container with a silica pack (also found inside each bag of adhesive) to draw out moisture.
As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air and moisture – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives (regardless of the brand) as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar.
Ensure the lid is sealed well between uses, always use the stopper when shaking the adhesive prior to treatment and clear the nozzle of excess adhesive with an alcohol wipe to prevent build up in the lid (do not use cotton to wipe the excess).


Tools & Tweezers

Make sure that all your tools/tweezers have been washed have been sanitized with alcohol wipes or appropriate sanitization method before and after each client. An autoclave is a great way to heat your implements in a way that eliminates any bacteria from your tools.


Eyelash Extensions

We recommend storing your lash extensions in a dust proof covered tray.