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elleebana usa

The information in the course is so clear & detailed. I really appreciate all the preparation information that is covered before going over the actual service. I really appreciated the chemical composition breakdowns and relating them to understanding the service better for the safety of guests and the integrity of the service. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for the quality of all of the Elleebana training I’ve received through Panoply Beauty (Kelly, Anastasia and Natalia) in Minnesota. I actually pursued online Brow Lamination training 15 months ago through a different company but found it lacked any support. Due to the risk of the service, I decided to and stop and wait until Elleebana developed their Elleeplex Profusion line and I could have a quality product with exceptional Educators and continual support. I waited almost a year for the Elleeplex Profusion to come out and I feel 100% confident that it was the best decision – well worth the wait! Thank you. I am grateful to work with this line. 

Catherine LLeras, USA

I completed the Elleebana Online Lash Lift course with Loana. She explained and went over everything so well. I feel super confident! Is it strange for me to say I loved every minute of it? LOL! Honestly that was the best online training I’ve ever taken. I took my microblading course online too and it was nothing like this. I felt so lost after I took that and unfortunately had to seek additional information and another company to learn. But THIS lash lift course was amazing ❤

Jaime Farlese - New York

I wanted to take time out to give applause for Amanada Honeycutt, my Elleebana Lash Lift and Tint Trainer. 

She was very detailed in her descriptions and when I struggled a little in the beginning, she was super patient with me and helped me through each step. 

 I totally recommend her to others! I will be taking future training with her if available.

Kymberly Farrar - Florida

I took the Elleebana lash lift course on October 27, 2020 with Loana. I was very impressed with the training as well as how knowledgeable Loana is. She was very patient and offered many tips and tricks. I have taken courses for other services before, but once the class is over I’m left on my own. Not Loana, she responds in a timely manner to my questions, offers advice, and is very encouraging. I don’t feel alone nor lost in this new journey. I have text Loana when I was working on my models saying i didn’t feel confident in the work I had done, but Loana was always made me feel so comfortable and confident in the end results. Before I decided to take the Elleebana course I had researched other companies, but Elleebana had many positive reviews and every person I spoke with about what products they used responded with “Elleebana”. I am very happy with the decision I made of taking this course and I appreciate everything Loana did and continues to do for me. I would highly recommend this product as well as training with Loana.

Elizabeth Uribe - California

This lash lift course has helped my confidence in my lash lift service. I have been doing lash lifts for a couple years and the training a received before wasn’t as informative as this course was. The videos that Otto created have so much information that I didn’t know about the Elleebana products. I loved that this course was go at your own speed . I’m currently a small beauty bar owner and it can get pretty tough on you with time. I was able to sit for a couple minutes at a time to actually give the coarse my full attention. Even in between guest I would get some education in. This was my first time taking a online course with Elleebana but not my first online course. This course was very well thought out. I actually really enjoyed the itinerary and structure. Videos weren’t too long or too short. The information was amazing, the course didn’t feel like it was dragging and it was super fun learning. I am extremely happy I choose Karin as my trainer. We instantly connected when I hopped on the call with her. She gave me amazing tips and tricks to perfect my lash lifts. I really enjoyed being able to just message her and her getting back to me so quickly. You can tell she cares about her trainees and it shows. I’ve had some trainers who don’t really care about their job and it sucks when you pay all this money for course and you just want to learn . Thank you Karin, I really enjoyed working with you.

Karina Cantillo - New Jersey

i took one of Loana’s hands on classes in Roseville, CA, she is one of the best instructors I have ever had. From hello she was welcoming and prepared. Sometimes you may take a class and the instructor seems to be winging it or just seem to be throwing it together, It was never like that with her. She had a flow that made sense, didn’t let questions get her side tracked and off target. The information was clear and to the point. When it came time to do live models, I knew what I was doing and why I was doing it. She was there for every step or side step I took, very supportive, comforting and never condescending. I walked away from this class very confident in what I was doing and knew that if there was ever a time I needed help or had any questions I could count on her to be there for no matter the distance or time difference between us. It’s hard enough trying to find a reputable company to attach yourself to but even harder to find an instructor that solidifies your choice. Thank you so much Loana, I’m so happy I was able to get into your class. I look forward to learning more from you. Much appreciated!!

Past Student - California

I just finished and received my lamination ceretification with Loana Barker. I really enjoyed the class and was able to take it at my own pace. Loana worked with me to complete the requirements at my speed and it was exciting to receive my certification in a timely manner. I could start my services right away upon approval of my case studies. Loana was friendly, professional and guided me through all my case studies with helpful critiques to improve my services. Loana allowed me the time to ask any questions during the training and in review of my photos. Loana was very relatable and made my learning environment relaxed and comfortable. I would suggest this class to beginner estheticians as well as seasoned esties, as the training can meet you anywhere you are on your esthetic journey. I’m very happy with the product, the brand, the class and most of all my trainer. 5 stars for Elleebana!

Past Student - Edwina Strominger

I took the training with Amanda Honeycutt and she was awesome, lots of info, had an answer to every single question (even the stupid ones ha ha) her smile never left her face and her personality is amazing!


My Elleebana Lash Lift and Belmacil one on one training course with Yvette couldn’t have been better. I was only spending a few days in California and she understood this and quickly made arrangements for me to have the class. Yvette was really nice and clear in her teaching. She loves the brand and you get to have the same feeling for Elleebana as the class goes on. I loved that we could practice with two different live models so as to have a good comprehension of the techniques learnt. The starting kits which I got are perfect for me to start working. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in this course to have it with Yvette, you won’t regret it! 

Carolina - Uruguay

Brittnee is an amazing trainer and distributor for Elleebana. Brittnee trained me for lash lifting and tinting when I was fresh out of cosmetology school, little did I know the service she was teaching me would account for a huge part of my success. I have performed hundreds if not thousands of lash lift and tint in the 3 1/2 years since she trained me. Brittnee was great at showing helpful tips and tricks as well going over all of the important details in the Ellebana training. She is quick to respond and to send product. I know that even to this day I can go to her with questions about lashes and products. 10/10 would recommend Brittnee!

Carissa McCall - Oregon

This course has been wonderful!! I learned so much from the manual, online course, and Dayna was AMAZING!! Every tip she gave me helped me to perfect my lifts. Dayna was such a huge help!! SHE WAS AMAZING!!! I feel so lucky to have gotten to work with her. Dayna is so great at picking up the smallest things to completely change the outcome of my lifts!
Thank you for being amazing Dayna!
Jackie Brown, Maryland

My name is Ariane Wagler. I recently took the Elleebana Lash Lift & Tint course with Julia Hofmeister. I want to start off by saying that I am extremely pleased with the course and Julia’s instruction of it. The information that we went over made me feel more prepared to dive into lash lifting & tinting and Julia’s expertise and guidance made me more confident while doing my models that day. I am so glad to have her as a kind and knowledgeable mentor as I move forward in my lash career.

Ariane Wagler - Pennsylvania

It was wonderful working with Sharon Simpson-Dogon for my online lash lift training (full course), she is such a delight! She always responded to my messages and model submittals in a timely manner. Having come from a different brand of lash lift, I had many questions. Sharon was very knowledgeable and able to make me feel at ease with the differences, and helped me through my challenges. I am very happy that I switched to Elleebana, and I am grateful I had Sharon by my side. I highly recommend her for all of your training needs!

Michele Coburn - Colorado

Last week, we attended a training by Susan Houde, from Wild Honey Face & Body, to learn Lash Lifting. I cannot express how quickly the day went by, due to Susan’s enthusiasm for the service she was teaching and the precise techniques she taught us. Her experience with lashes and with Elleebana was invaluable to us and my whole team is about as confident as we can be coming out of a training. Experience will build our skills more, but it’s awesome to know we can reach out to Susan moving forward and feel confident that she is there to support us. Not only did we all go home with beautiful lashes, but we couldn’t be more excited to bring this service to our spa. Thank you so much, Susan!


I took a lash lifting class with Suzanne in March, 2021. This was during the height of the pandemic! Suzanne made me feel comfortab;e, safe, and confident when I left the class that day! She was kind, thoughtful, and so patient with each person in the class, giving individual attention to anyone who needed it! Since taking the class, Suzanne has been readily available to me for product orders, she answers any questions that I’ve ever had with issues with any lash lifts and is quick to reply and give any help or advice. I’m so glad that I was able to take the class with her! I value her opinion and know that I can reach out to her with questions pertaining to client issues, product knowledge, etc.! Thank you again, Suzanne! You truly are a lash superstar!!!

Past Student - DAWN

I took the Elleebana Lash and Tint Course with Yvette a couple of weeks ago at her location in California. I just wanted to personally express my gratitude for how amazing the training was, her training especially.

Yvette was just as thorough in theory (we read page for page and she was sure to summarise and explain EVERYTHING in her own words as well) as she was with our hands on models, she literally taught me to lift like I have been doing this for years within the matter of a 7 hour class. I have already started to implement this service into my service menu and it has taken off for me. Of ALL the training courses I have been a part of, I really felt this course was one of the BEST!

My models were both ecstatic with their lash lifts and they were my first two ever! I even took information that I am able to apply towards lash extensions which is what I do on a day to day basis. I saved up for this class, waited over a year to take a class with Elleebana as I knew your company was who I wanted to invest in myself with and I am truly so happy that I waited. Yevette is such a blessing and I just wanted to express my appreciation for her! You picked a REAL ONE ha ha. She is amazing! Thank you!


I came to Brittnee to initially get trained in Elleebana Lash Lifts but little did I know that I would be getting so much more. She taught me way more than I thought I’d need and went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did I get a bad ass instructor, I also got a friend in the beauty industry. I even went back to her to get trained in Elleebana Brow Henna because I knew I could trust her to show me the ranks. She’s available when she says she is for any questions or concerns I have. She’s very professional and just an all around amazing person. If you ever find yourself looking to get trained in Lash Lifts or Brow Henna Brittnee is your girl

Katrina - Oregon

I have always been taught that success is more important than happiness. Everyone around me is always trying to find the quickest way to make money and how to make more. Everyone kept on pressuring me on making as much money as I can and with that I was insecure and pressured. Laura humbled and reassured me that my skills and technique are great. 

After taking her sugaring and lash lift courses, I have never been so confident in my skills. She has clearly shown and explained that when you do what you love with hard work, consistency, and dedication, success will follow. Nothing worth having comes easy. I thrive to be passionate like she is. Her knowledge and experience seems like she lived hundreds of years, yet her love and zealous for this company is as pure and young as if she was born yesterday. I hope one day I’ll be just as happy, successful, and more in love with this program like she is. I want to let Laura know one day that her passion and dedication doesn’t end with her, it went through me. 


Nina nguyen - Maryland

My name is Sandra Hackler. I’m 68 years old and have been a hairdresser for 36 years and done electrolysis and waxing for 38 years. I work 50 hours a week plus take care of my husband of 36 years who has MS. So, in the middle of a pandemic, I thought I would learn eyelash lifts. I asked one of the girls where I worked what product she used, and she told me about Elleebana.

The supplier I contacted, Lash and Beauty Store, suggested I sign up for an online course. They recommended Amanda Honeycutt as my trainer because she was one of the best educators in the business. They were right.

Our first zoom meeting was supposed to last two hours. Three hours later, Amanda had explained everything we would be doing in the next three months plus answered every question I had. She was so kind and made me feel comfortable about taking this course.

Amanda guided me through each lash lift on each of my models. This included how to take pictures and putting them in a grid. She also recommended several apps for me to use for this process. Once I had these steps figured out it was so much easier for me to do. I was able to submit photos of my models for Amanda to look at. She would take an hour to an hour and a half to look at each model and give me ideas and pointers to improve my lifts. I could not have done this without her help, guidance and kindness.

Amanda was so good to me through the whole process. In fact, I am hoping to take the brow laminating course from her in the future.

Thank you, Amanda, for all your help and patience. You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. If you can train me, one of your bigger challenges, you can train anyone.

Best wishes and good luck to you. You deserve to win Educator of The Year and most definitely Mentor of The Year. You are fabulous!


Sandra Hackler - Montana

Loana is an awesome educator, I took the online Elleebana Lash Lifting course with her and within an hour and a half I had all the tools I needed to add the service to my business! I also order all of my supplies from her and she had them shipped and delivered SO FAST! I would highly recommend her class and ordering from her website.

Candee Lash

Suzanne was all you could ask for in an educator! She made me feel immediately comfortable and excited to learn. She was extremely detailed and thorough, which I greatly appreciated. She demonstrated the process and provided tips & tricks that were super helpful. After the training was complete, I felt great and my model was incredibly happy with the results! Cannot recommend Suzanne and Elleebana enough!!

Past Student - taylor m.