Covid-19 Moving Forward
Covid-19 Moving Forward

As restrictions begin to relax, we can see beauty salons begin to open their doors once again, however this won’t mean that things are going back to normal. The future of the beauty industry will be changed for years to come, so what do we need to consider?

Firstly, it is imperative to make sure you are 100% comfortable with opening your doors back up. Just because your local government gives the green light, does not mean you must open before you are ready. Secondly, ensure you take into consideration your staff concerns, are they ready to come back to work? And what measures will be taken to ensure the workplace is safe and stays COVID-19 free?

This is the perfect time to decide what the new normal of your salon will look like, and how day-to-day operations will be performed. There may be service and treatment limitations at this time and not to mention some of your clients may be a little reluctant to visit your salon, even if you go above and beyond the government requirements of sanitation.

The most fundamental area that will determine whether or not your salon will be successful after lockdown is hygiene and safety. Not just in terms of keeping your staff and clients healthy, but also for your reputation. It is important to look over your salon policies and update where needed, as well as incorporating what we may have previously considered “over the top”.

Some examples to add to your policy include:

  • Practice social distancing. Keeping clients 1.5m apart at all times.
  • All staff should wear a mask and gloves.
  • Going cashless. During this pandemic it has been recommended to eliminate the option of paying cash for services.
  • Don’t charge for cancellation if your client is sick and has to cancel at the last minute.

The setup of your salon will be a little different now but following the steps below will ensure the safety of your staff and your clients:

  • Have a welcome back sign, but with a COVID-19 twist. This sign needs to be within eye view outside your salon for clients to read prior to entering. We have done the work for you, click here for your copy.
  • Also ask your client to sanitise their hands upon entering your salon.
  • Create distance in your waiting area and ensure there is a full sanitation station available.
  • Remove items that your clients can touch. This includes product samples, magazines, lollies, service menus. Anything the client can touch, or hold should be removed to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Invest in a good quality infrared thermometer.
  • Place floor markers to measure safe distances for your clients.

Covid-19 Symptoms Checklist

Even though you have not used your salon for a couple of months, the next advice is important. Rewash all your towels and invest in a disposable bed roll so you can replace bedding between clients. Ensure you disinfect your workstation and tools between clients.

Many of your clients have missed appointments during your closure and they will want to know when and how they can rebook. Sending a courtesy text message or making a call will hopefully have you booked up in no-time! They know how many others are in the same situation, and they’re probably feeling a tad anxious about whether it’ll be difficult to get an appointment on the calendar.

If you have a plan already in place, communicate that with your clientele. Let them know if you’ll have a waitlist.

Last but not least, avoid hugging your clients and ensure you practice social distancing. We look forward to seeing everyone get back into it!