Diamonds Are Formed Under Pressure
Diamonds Are Formed Under Pressure

Here at Elleebana, we have an incredible community that we are extremely grateful for and we want to give back and acknowledge all of their efforts.

We have something very exciting that has come to life to recognise and celebrate our Elleebana Distributors and our wonderful Elleebana Educators that offer our official training and certification program.

The Elleebana Excellence Awards is about honouring all our distributors and educators based on their exceptional performance throughout the judging period as well as the criteria and evidence that was submitted in their award applications. To say we have been blown away by this exceptional group of humans is an understatement! There is so much #elleemagic in the air with this event.

We have all faced some challenges over the last year or two, but under pressure diamonds are made. Let’s allow these diamonds a moment to shine…

STAY TUNED to see the incredible Finalists announced soon…