Educator on the Spotlight – Meet Andrea Newberry
Educator on the Spotlight – Meet Andrea Newberry

Allow us to reintroduce one of our exceptional USA trainers, Andrea Newberry. Since 2021, Andrea has been an incredibly talented Elleebana trainer, particularly renowned for her stunning brow lamination transformations. She is also the founder of Premier Lash Spa and Academy in Illinois. We are extremely proud of Andrea and have loved watching her growth over the past few years. Recently, we asked Andrea to share her journey in the beauty industry, and here is what she had to say:

“My journey in the beauty industry began unexpectedly in the spring semester of my senior year when I made a last-minute decision to apply for cosmetology school. Little did I know the passion and deep-rooted fulfillment I would find over the next few years. Lash and brow services were almost completely unknown in my area, and I vividly remember seeing a video of a lash lift being performed and feeling instantly intrigued.

Before I became an educator, I can say Elleebana single-handedly reignited my passion for lash lifting when I was ready to quit altogether. I had used many different brands over the years and fell into inconsistency issues and underwhelming results. Seeing people rave about Elleebana in forums, I reached out to my mentor at the time, who was an educator, as a last effort to fall in love with lash lifting again. She encouraged me to give lifting another try and take the One Shot training. The products were top-notch, the tools were easy to use, and I was blown away by my results during training. 

I decided to become an educator with Elleebana myself because I felt called to share with my area the products and support I received, and to potentially help other artists who were in the same situation I was. Along with gold-standard products, Elleebana also represents integrity within the industry. Each product is consciously created, their training courses are extremely comprehensive, and the company is wholly dedicated to their customers’ and students’ success. They are undoubtedly a brand I’m proud to be associated with. 

I’m lucky enough to have my favorite hobby as a job, but when I do take time outside of work, I love to read (shoutout to my ACOTAR people✨) and bake desserts, breads, muffins, etc.! My husband and I also love to relax at our local coffee shop and take our kids on adventurous trips!”

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