Elleebana Educator’s Goals for 2023
Elleebana Educator’s Goals for 2023

2023 has beckoned us forward and as we come soaring into the New Year, we find ourselves diving deeper into self-reflection and our minds wander towards the future.

There is no time like the end of one year and the beginning of another, to start thinking about your goals and what you hope to achieve.

A New Year represents REBIRTH, CHANGE and a chance to CREATE something new or GROW something you have seeded the year before.
2023 is a Numerology number 7 and is all about self-care, listening to your inner voice and understanding who you are.
2023 is also represented in Chinese Astrology by the Water Rabbit! Representing longevity, peace, prosperity, and hope.

With the universe blowing its wind into our sails, we can kick off this year by building a strong foundation to achieve our goals.
Our Elleebana Educators kicked off the year by thinking about what they would like to set out to achieve this year.

We asked a number of our amazing Elleebana Educators what their goals for 2023 were! Here’s what they had to say:

Let’s all get our feet firmly back on the ground with our basic knowledge and realistic approaches.

When we are continuously doing treatments learning new techniques and fads, we sometimes forget about the basics of how lash lift or brow lamination works and the way it was designed to work. I want to focus on going back to basics and ensuring a clearer message is put across.

I also want to focus on students and the realistic approach when it comes to learning a new lash and brow treatment. The realistic approach of not everything is perfect, not every lash is going to sit perfectly. Not every brow is going to look like a “twin”, yet it will look more like a “sister”.

I want students to understand that it’s ok to fall down, as long as you pick yourself up and you learn from your professional growth. We are human and our mistakes and lessons are what defines us.

So, let’s go back to the drawing board and start from the very beginning.

Going back to the basics will allow us to improve our work from the ground up.”

“I would love to achieve more personal growth and development this year, totally immersing myself in the industry and learning as much as I can. The industry is heading for big, big things, so I would love to learn new techniques, enter more competitions, leading to more judging, dive deeper into product formulation and continue to build relationships with some incredible industry leaders as well as our inspirational students I am so incredibly lucky to meet.

I feel achieving growth within myself will allow me to be able to become an even more well-versed Educator for students and therapists, providing support and passing on my passion. But with this growth, there will be challenges, and this is ok! This is how we overcome obstacles and power up that mountain!

We shouldn’t be afraid of taking things to the next level, facing new challenges and wanting to achieve self-improvement.”

“Gaining and training more students, continue building and working on my email contact list, develop strategies for reaching new potential customers and students as well as strategize programs for customer retention and winning back lost customers.”

“I love watching other businesses grow and succeed, and hope that I can be a part of other people’s success in the year to come.”

What goals are you setting this year?

Have you created a plan on how you are going to achieve those goals?

Here’s an example of one small achievable goal for 2023 that you can begin with and how you can reach to new heights 😊

GOAL ONE: I want to add a new service to my salon menu.

THE PATH: Adding a new service to your Salon menu can help boost sales and expand your clientele.
Staying up-to-date with trending treatments and understanding your demographic plays a huge role in deciding which service would benefit you and your Salon the most.
Elleebana offers both Face-to-Face and Online Lash and Brow courses – giving you the option to decide which works best for you and your busy schedule.
With courses available in Lash Lamination/Lifting, Brow Lamination, Brow Henna, Classic Lash Extensions and Volume – There is something for everyone.

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