Are you longing for a perfect lash lift?

Are you tired of playing a guessing game with your lifts…?
Will this be a flawless result or not?

I am going to share with you the top techniques to perfect your lifts and achieve that ‘Va Va VOOM’ result.

Let’s start at the very beginning and check things off the checklist together.

Education; are you up to date with your education? Beauty therapists, aestheticians and lash techs are naturally creative, have high attention to detail and are proven to be more visual learners.  While watching reels or YouTube videos can be entertaining and helpful it does not replace education nor give you the confidence to produce Insta-worthy lifts.

How much do you really know about the brand and its’ products? Do you know what ingredients are in the products and how they work, what they do to the natural lash, and how to identify the density of the lashes?

If your answer is YES to all these questions… congratulations! 😊 you are one step closer to being a lash lift legend.

If your answer is NO to any of the above, then you’re in luck! 😉 We have amazing training opportunities available to you, that will guide you on your path to perfecting the art of the lash lift.

Let’s break down the procedure in more detail:

CLEAN LASHES – Does your client have squeaky clean lashes? Did they come in make-up free? Clean lashes make or break a lash lift and play a large role in achieving a consistent result.  If there is any form of residue left on the lashes, this creates a barrier between the natural lash and the lash lift products and can result in an inconsistent and underwhelming lift result. 

PREPARING YOUR STATION – Did you follow the storage recommendations beforehand?  Keeping them at an ideal temperature environment 24 hours a day will ensure you are performing the service with your products working at their optimal level.  

ROD & SHIELD PLACEMENT – Depending on the desired result for your client will determine on the execution of this step.  Lash wrapping – are you ensuring the lashes come up over the halfway point and do not overhang at the top of the rod or shield? Is the placement of the rod or shield sitting flush to the lash line with no interruptions to the lashes themselves?

LASH SEPERATION Are all your lashes separated and looking tall and straight reaching up to the forehead where you can see each strand and identify each stage of hair growth? This is going to allow you to apply the lotion correctly and also assist in achieving a symmetrical and perfect lift.

ADHESIVE – do not overuse your lash lift adhesive, less is more.  Did you know that Elleebana adhesive will polymerize when exposed to oxygen? The more airflow in your room environment, the quicker it will become tacky and set.  A reduction in airflow will see the adhesive take longer to set.  

LOTION PLACEMENT Depending on the system that you use, will determine your lotion placement.  Consistency of lotion placement is key here, and don’t be shy! Layer it up!  Ultimately, you want beautiful even coverage.  If you are using the Elleebana One Shot System, you will want to avoid the tips of the lashes.  If you are using the Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Lamination System, you can take the lotions to the tips of the lashes.  Uneven lotion placement can result in an uneven lift!

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CLIENT’S LASHES – Assess each individual client in relation to their lash density and structure.  If you had comprehensive education, you will be able to familiarise yourself with different lash textures and be able to determine alterations of your processing times where necessary. It is not a one-size-fits-all system and not everyone will achieve a great result with the standard five and six processing method. 

TINT APPLICATION – Are you applying your tint in an upward motion?  Did you know that the first 48-hours is the most crucial window to ensuring the longevity of lift?  You will need to ensure all movements of the tint application and removal is performed in an upward movement.

REMOVAL PROCESS – The final step that can impact the final result of the lash lift.  We recommend removing all lotions and tint with a warm water eye bath and drying off the lashes by brushing them with a dry spoolie brush in an upward movement.  Don’t forget to finish off with an application of Elleeplex Advanced Aftercare to restore hydration into those lashes. Your client’s lashes will than you later!

Do you need lash-inspiration?

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