How your leadership style can improve your business
How your leadership style can improve your business

If running a business isn’t hard enough, managing and leading a team is another challenge all small beauty and business operators face.

There are many underlying levels of motivation and levels of achievement team members are seeking in their careers, how to bring out their best capabilities is what leadership is all about. So, what defines a leader you ask?

Well leaders can be classed into one of the 6 following styles, and it is common to have more than one style and for your leadership style to change over time. You also will approach one leadership style for one team member, and another style for another – depending on their level of skill, maturity and position within the business. 

Democratic Style is one of the most effective leadership styles because it allows team members to be involved in decisions and have some autonomy in their roles to exercise their own authority which helps them grow into future roles.

Autocratic Style is essentially where the leader makes decisions without taking input from anyone in the team. This can hinder team performance by not involving others ideas and knowledge.

Authoritative Style – hasn’t been popular since the 80’s and isn’t a leadership style any employee is seeking in a future employer. Only useful in small doses.

Transformational Style – most leader in this category are always “transforming” and improving the business and pushing team members out of their comfort zone to aid growth and development.

Coaching Style – just like in sport, coaching individual employees’ strengths and working through their weakness to enable the team to perform better.

Laissez-Faire Style – the French term literally translates to “let them do,” and leaders who embrace this style give nearly all authority to their employees. This can be limiting if team members do not hold themselves responsible or accountable for their workload.

Being able to identify your leadership style can be tricky so you can seek out tests that will highlight your styles, but it is also an idea to ask the team in an open setting for a 360-degree feedback session.

With that feedback in mind and remember not all the feedback you receive you will like to hear – especially if you perceive yourself differently from how your team members are characterising you. There is also the opportunity to make changes and focus on a leadership style that you think can support your business and the current team in place.

Being able to motivate the team starts with leading the team effectively, successful leadership can only achieve goals and empower the team to do the best work for your business and clients.

There are many of us in the industry boasting their own successful unique leadership style –including Otto and Zoe Mitter, who work together tirelessly and complement each other completely.

Embrace your leadership style, seek out your own personal development and what will work best for you and your team, and ultimately your business. #leadership