It all starts with education
It all starts with education

When a student arrives to a class prepared to sponge up all of a trainer’s knowledge, everything the brand has to offer and has the mindset of client’s satisfaction first and foremost, as a trainer, you know it’s going to be a good day. But it’s an even better day when you see that same student only three short years later come in the top three in the world for Elleebana’s Great Lash Wrap Challenge Instagram competition. 

Melissa Constantino – Elleebana Educator from Delaware USA trained Trish in the skill of lash lifting and recalls “she was a perfectionist and on the top of her game”. We stayed late so I could offer her a lash lift after the class as she was keen to show her clients this amazing new service she had learnt and wanted to sport the results of a lash lift herself, it is walking marketing after all. We spent time talking about the benefits and results and shared our passion for the brand. At that time, in my area, lash lifting was almost unknown, so I was really happy to chat all things Elleebana. I have been following Trish for the past three years, watching her beautiful lash lifts, and knowing she was amazing because of her dedication to being a committed student first and then investing in her clients satisfaction with her perfectionism nature. I feel privileged to be a spark in her journey in becoming an incredible lash lift artist, she really deserves all the recognition and accolades.

Melissa also adds that “I love to stay personal with my students, it’s very nerve-wrecking to spend money on education, especially these days. People want return on their investment understandably, extending myself as a trainer and forming a relationship with my students helps them to see that you are investing in them also.” 

This personal approach to our students, being prepared to continually share feedback and guidance fosters a mindset for the student’s education where they can grow and improve, they can understand and recognise their own achievements.       

The Elleebana Great Lash Wrap Challenge competition is the first of four categories spanning through the remaining half of 2020 and this particular category had over 500 entries from around the globe. Here are the winning three lash wraps:

First place @Terytorium_piekna

Second place @pretty_eyes_by_kellieanne

Third place @browbarxbeautybytrish