Winfield, West Virginia

My name is Jessa Cook, and I have lived in West Virginia all my life. I have a strong passion for my state and its people, and have always felt I belonged in an industry that focused on helping others. After switching careers several times, I finally found where I belonged when I became a licensed aesthetician. I chose this field at the age of 26 based on a love of science and a desire to serve others in a way that helped them feel confident in themselves. I had two children and knew I wanted to be a role model to them and create the life I wanted. It has allowed me to have the freedom to be there for my kids whenever I need to be, and has also given me a deeper purpose personally.

I began working in a spa for several months after graduating beauty school, and decided to branch out on my own in December of 2021. I opened my business in January of 2022 and haven’t looked back. It has been the most rewarding career, and I am so thankful I invested in myself. I love taking extra courses, and continuing to expand my skill set and learn the best ways of doing things. After two years of working exclusively with Elleebana products and becoming certified with their products, I realized my love of the industry and teaching could merge into becoming an educator. I am passionate about building a community of service providers that are leaders in their craft, and I hope to shine a bright light on the wonderful beauty community that exists in West Virginia. I am a licensed Aesthetician, and am certified with the Elleebana Profusion line in lash and brow lamination. All my life I have been teaching others, whether that was being a preschool teacher or hosting workshops for beginner photographers when I did professional photography. Education is something I value very highly, and I love being able to pass that on to others, both with my clients in the salon and students in the classroom.

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