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Julia Hofmeister

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When I ventured into the beauty industry in search of lash lifting products, I had done some research that led me to Elleebana. I knew the products were extremely reputable, but I was even more thankful when I really got to see their brand’s integrity. Owning a lash and brow salon, this is very important to me and I truly couldn’t have been any more solidified in my decision.

I believe education is pivotal in the beauty industry and we should always be reaching to achieve the highest standards in learning. After working with the product every day and knowing it would always be the one I was reaching for, I knew I wanted to represent the brand on the training side. I decided to become an Elleebana trainer to be able to share these wonderful products and level of education with other industry professionals. Upon working with the USA and Australia team closer, it is even more apparent as to how this brand has been leading its industry for 10+ years. I value a company that stays up to date on improving their products as the industry continually grows. The Elleebana community as a whole is truly unmatched, and the products are consistently exceptional. I urge anyone who is eager to learn to always align themselves with the best brands. I’m honored to represent Elleebana and I am so thankful I can confidently tell my students that they will always have the most supportive and knowledgeable team backing them.

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