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Yvette Mendoza

Costa Mesa, California

Yvette has been a licensed Esthetican in the state of California since May 2006. She is the proud owner of a Southern California Beauty Bar, POP Society for the last 8 years.

Specializing primarily on the art of eyelashes, Yvette, quickly discovered her love of customer service and education. She has sought out to build an amazing team as well as perfecting the art of lash education. Working with Elleebana has become nothing short of a dream come true. After years of working with other lash Lift lines, nothing has come close to the integrity that Elleebana provides. She proudly stands behind her team here in the US as well as her team that spans across the globe.

Student Testimonials 

I took the Elleebana Lash and Tint Course with Yvette a couple of weeks ago at her location in California. I just wanted to personally express my gratitude for how amazing the training was, her training especially.

Yvette was just as thorough in theory (we read page for page and she was sure to summarise and explain EVERYTHING in her own words as well) as she was with our hands on models, she literally taught me to lift like I have been doing this for years within the matter of a 7 hour class. I have already started to implement this service into my service menu and it has taken off for me. Of ALL the training courses I have been a part of, I really felt this course was one of the BEST! 

My models were both ecstatic with their lash lifts and they were my first two ever! I even took information that I am able to apply towards lash extensions which is what I do on a day to day basis. I saved up for this class, waited over a year to take a class with Elleebana as I knew your company was who I wanted to invest in myself with and I am truly so happy that I waited. Yevette is such a blessing and I just wanted to express my appreciation for her! You picked a REAL ONE ha ha. She is amazing! Thank you!

Kassandra, California

My Elleebana Lash Lift and Belmacil one on one training course with Yvette couldn’t have been better. I was only spending a few days in California and she understood this and quickly made arrangements for me to have the class. Yvette was really nice and clear in her teaching. She loves the brand and you get to have the same feeling for Elleebana as the class goes on. I loved that we could practice with two different live models so as to have a good comprehension of the techniques learnt. The starting kits which I got are perfect for me to start working. I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in this course to have it with Yvette, you won’t regret it! 

– Carolina, Uruguay

Mi curso de entrenamiento Elleebana Lash Lift y Belmacil uno a uno con Yvette no podría haber sido mejor. Yo estaba pasando unos días en California y no tenía mucho tiempo. De todas formas ella entendió esto y rápidamente e hizo los arreglos para que yo diera la clase sin problemas. Yvette fue muy amable y clara en su forma de enseñar. A ella le encanta la marca y hace que tu sientas lo mismo por Elleebana a medida que avanza la clase. Me encantó que pudiéramos practicar con dos modelos en vivo diferentes para tener una buena comprensión de las técnicas aprendidas. Los kits de inicio que me dieron son perfectos para empezar a trabajar. Recomiendo encarecidamente a cualquiera que esté interesado en este curso que lo haga con Yvette, ¡no te vas a arrepentir!

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