Online training leads the way…
Online training leads the way…

2020 has quickly become the year for investing in online training, upskilling yourself and exploring the new training courses now available online. One popular course climbing the ranks is Elleebana’s Online Lash Lift Course – which has been one of the highest searched training courses of 2019 and continues to dominate in the lash world in 2020.

There are many benefits to studying online vs face to face, and it is up to each individual preference and how you like to approach your learning style. There’s loads of advantages and rewards to the virtual classroom for those who are ready to take the plunge and enrol in an Elleebana lash online course.

The three most popular benefits to help you decide if you should continue with face to face training, or try the new way of e-learning, which is that of the online sphere. For those who are feeling slightly anxious of any technology issues, you don’t need a PhD or need to be remotely tech savvy to be able to enjoy the perks and styles of online education – especially in the lash world of Elleebana.

  1. Flexibility

With ever changing busy schedules, commitments and finding enough time for family and social activities, one key advantages of studying online is the flexibility it allows. Online courses are designed to fit your schedule, and you can work to your own timetable and still reap the benefits of interacting with others in the classroom and of course the instructor / teacher / trainer. Elleebana Educators are not just experts in their fields with decades of experience, but coaches in their own right aiming to bring out your true capabilities and guide you every step of the way.

  1. Affordability

Online courses are excellent for the bank account as they are relatively low cost and affordable to most, giving many of us opportunities we probably wouldn’t explore or consider if only given a face to face expensive training option. Many students feel the need to go into debt to further their education to keep their skills relevant, however most online courses will be much more cost effective than a practical hands on face to face course, helping us all out with our finances. Tick. Elleebana’s Online Lash Lift Courses from a highly regarded Academy starts from just $320 per student. This remarkable price as well as offering so much value in unique educational content for a niche online certification goes a long way.

  1. Accountability

Studying remotely does bring itself with the benefits of having to utilise your own internal strengths of time management and self-motivation – which then translates positively into self-accountability. With commitment, perseverance and dedication to completing an online course self- accountability arises, which steered correctly can help you achieve your end goals. Having accountability placed on yourself is only going to drive productivity and results and our passionate Lash Educators will bring out this potential and assist you with accountability further.

If you would like to become a lash lift expert, join forces with multi-award winning educators and the enrol in the world-renowned Elleebana Online Lash Lift Course – boasting only two online sessions with your educator, it is your ideal starting point to your journey of becoming an expert. Learn from the best from the comfort of your own home from a globally recognised leader in lash lifting training. Elleebana’s online course allows full flexibility and self-paced learning to maximise your learning experience. Spaces are limited, for more information or to enrol visit

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