Summer and Lash Extensions
Summer and Lash Extensions

Summer and Lash Extensions go great together, but do your clients know how to maintain them in the heat?

As a trained professional, you want to ensure your client’s Lash Extensions continue to look fabulous between their visits, Afterall, that’s why they love coming to you.

As we move into summer the all-important topic of storage for your adhesives becomes a common question from salons.  One of the most important things you need to do is keep your products at the recommended temperature. If this means leaving your air conditioning on overnight, do it! Don’t risk spoiling your products from overheating.

The fluctuation of heat and then cool air can negatively affect the workability of your adhesives and maintaining a cool and dark environment for the storage of your adhesives, away from moisture is recommended.

Provide your Clients with specific aftercare, especially in the summer months with the following instructions:

  • Rinse lashes (& pat dry) after swimming. Over time, both chlorine & saltwater can affect lash retention. So, wherever your client is swimming, it is recommended that they rinse with freshwater post-swim, then pat dry.
  • Exposing your lashes to extreme heat can relax the curl, or worse – singe the lash tips. So, if your clients are exposed to close fires or a barbeque, even a hot oven, they need to be mindful that this can damage their Lash Extensions.
  • An absolute must all year long but especially in Summer. Many brands of sunscreen contain oils, which can run into the lashes. This can cause excessive shedding. So, make sure you let your client know that you take extra care when applying sunscreen.
  • Waterproof mascaras, oil-based eyeliners, creams, lotions or strip lash glue are all party season musts, but they are a big no-no with lash extensions. Aside from being difficult to remove, making rubbing and damage to your lash line more likely often the ingredients are not compatible with your lash extensions adhesives so ask your clients to stay clear, they extensions application is lash emphasis enough.
  • Keep the lashes clean – ok so this one isn’t summer-specific – this is all year around specific so I guess that makes it one of the most important aftercare points of all – using a lash wash, shampoo or make up remover that is designed with your skin and lashes PH in mind will remove natural oils, makeup residue, dust and dirt that our eyelashes naturally catch. It is their job, after all, to prevent these environmental hazards from getting into our eyes, but to leave this build up on the lash line weakens the adhesives bond and see premature lash loss.

Having these aftercare tips and tricks will really help your clients maintain the life of their Lash Extensions.

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