Taking education to new heights in the Connecticut Beauty World
Taking education to new heights in the Connecticut Beauty World

The Nutmeg state is moving ahead with the times and Connecticut is fast becoming the epicentre of the beauty world as regulations for esthetician licences were just passed. Merissa Waston is leading the way with training by fulfilling the epicentre with her advanced Education Centre.

Whether you’re seeking education on waxing, makeup, spray tans, lash extensions and lash lifts – Merissa has all your training needs covered. As a highly specialised esthetician and trainer on all skin treatments, hair removal and the like Merissa launched her own Training Academy and Beauty School.

Merissa is the proud owner of Face & Body institute of New England and by the sounds of it, was her ultimate calling after progressing herself through various courses herself and working for well-known global brands and popular day spas.

As a hands-on training professional, Merissa is passionate about advancing education for all practising beauty therapists – no matter what their craft or speciality. Born and raised in Connecticut, she is humbled by how the beauty industry has transformed in her hometown and impressed with the skilled talent to date.

Many who have worked and trained with Merissa comment and highlight what a trailblazer she is in the industry. Pioneering beauty professional careers is the heart of what she does, and she is a big advocate of students continuing their knowledge and staying up to date with the latest innovation and education.

Regularly educating herself so she can share with her students is what sets her apart from the rest and often it results in booked out classes and long wait lists just to get in. Merissa keeps up with the demand by offering more classes and workshops and yet still has time to dedicate to students a one-on-one learning environment – in a group setting.

2020 has been a challenging year for some, but Merissa takes that all in her stride and didn’t let anything stop her for opening up for own training institute and flourishing with countless enrolments and raving reviews to date. Creating an ultimate learning environment, she is not just focused on training students, but supporting them afterwards as they leap into the beauty world.

Merissa is inspired by other beauty entrepreneurs in the industry and has become a creator of her own unique business model. Without her desire to be a best in class trainer, her success story would not be what it is today. She lives by her own inspirational quote ‘always believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you can imagine’ and attributes her journey to success through this belief.

If you are in the area, and looking to up-skill, retrain or start your beauty journey – checkout Merissa course details on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Face-Body-Institute-of-New-England-100664211565109