Three Key Advantages to Competing in The Skin Games
Three Key Advantages to Competing in The Skin Games

Imagine an annual event that brings together beauty professionals from around the globe to showcase their expertise, creativity and remarkable transformations. We know that competition has a way of igniting innovation and pushing for excellence and this is true for The Skin Games. Read on as we highlight three key advantages that come with participating in this particular competition.

1. Set yourself apart

In an ever-growing industry, clients are constantly seeking out the best artists to achieve their desired look. The exposure from such prestigious event like The Skin Games can be great for boosting both your confidence and recognition. Winning or even participating can be a badge of honour that builds trust and credibility among clients, which may help in growing your business. Who doesn’t want the opportunity to be known as an award-winning lash artist?

Elleebana educator Taylor Stewart competed in the last Skin Games and when discussing the experience she said “Just do it! Do it even though you’re nervous, or if you think you won’t win, or whatever reason you may have! Just DO IT! It’s such a great experience, and at the end of the day, you will be a better artist because of it. I know my experience competing has made me a better overall artist.”

2. Elevate your skillset

Competitions like this are an excellent opportunity for skill enhancement. Preparing for a competition like this requires lash artists to push their boundaries and develop unique techniques for a competitive edge. In the long-run, the feedback from judges in scenarios like The Skin Games can be invaluable for further refining their craft.

Elleebana Educator Reid Ryan competed and came 1st place for her lash lift and brow lamination and when discussing The Skin games she touched on the preparation and said “I think my advice to any artist who may be considering competing would be to treat every service like you are at competition! The 3 months prior to Skin Games, I made it a point to spend an extra 15 minutes on every service I had.  I treated every wrap like it was a case study, took before, during, and after photos for every service.  I looked at my work every night, and reviewed what the judging criteria was going to be looking for.  That way, I had a game plan for what I could do better for the next client.”

3. Meet new and like-minded people

Thirdly, networking opportunities are huge. Competing in such an event allows lash artists to connect with industry leaders, fellow contestants and potential mentors. Not only can these connections be beneficial for your career, you may also walk away with some fabu-LASH new friends.

Not only is competing an investment in your career, it is an investment for your growth as a lash artist. So what are you waiting for? Join the other players and let’s get ready for The Skin Games 2024!