The ultimate convenience… fast beauty treatments with effective results
The ultimate convenience… fast beauty treatments with effective results

Choosing a lash lift, lash extensions or even just investing in a good mascara are things all our clients consider. What really makes them choose a lash lift? Well ultimately consumer behaviour and research play a pivot role in how humans make their purchasing and selection decisions, but it is increasingly evident that clients prefer convenience over anything when it comes to deciding on beauty treatments.

With that in mind, the convenience aspect needs to be the USP (unique selling proposition) with all your marketing offers. If a client is opting for a lash lift, it is because it is quick, easy, convenient and affordable. These women value their time, and thus are seeking a low maintenance yet realistic and effective result with their lashes.

Using this to your advantage by understanding your clients’ needs in detail can only help your solution offering. Giving the client what they want is what will set your business apart from the others and build that customer loyalty. We are in the industry of providing not just beauty services, but beauty solutions – and that’s why they love us.

Everyone wants that natural yet glamourous look with their lashes, and for those who have never tried it and eventually realise how convenient it is, will soon be hooked on a lash lift. As beauty professionals in the industry, we really should be promoting and celebrating the benefits of the famous Elleebana lash lift and the essential convenience it offers.

It is a win-win, who wouldn’t want the convenience of this treatment and glamour result in return. There’s an untapped market out there just waiting to be told of the quickest and convenient methods for maintaining that glam. Women are known as complicated beings, but not when it comes to beauty treatments. If it is quick, convenient, makes us look better and makes us feel better about ourselves with minimal effort – we’ll sign on the dotted line.

More recently, we have seen an increase in lash lifts in salons, due to many customers wanting a quick treatment – no one wants to be in the chair for hours and many are now conscious of covid spreading so the quicker the treatment, the better. With the easy to use hygienic single use sachets that client’s value, your lash lift service portrayed in this new light can only increase business and bookings.

Elleebana does offer an online lash lift course for those who are looking to upskill and reap the benefits of this convenience our clients are now seeking.

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