treats for lash extensions, not tricks
treats for lash extensions, not tricks

Bubbling cauldrons, eye of newt and puppy dogs’ tails are the base of any good old Witch’s brew.

The same can be said for creating a bewitching set of lash extensions, having those essential ingredients will surely cast a spell on your clients and have them in long-lasting love with your lash magic! That being said, did you know that our clients can actually be sensitive or even present with adverse reactions to our main component – lash extension adhesive?

Now, creating a circle of salt will help ward off wicked and unholy souls. However, a good understanding of adhesive ingredients equips us with a better interpretation of whether we can proceed to bless our clients with a lash extension service. Generally, once a reaction has developed or presented itself, this may no longer benefit the client or even yourself.

Let’s unpack adhesives:

  • Cyanoacrylate – This is our main ingredient, our bonder, our superstar, which belongs to a family of super strong, fast-acting adhesives with many uses. They are derived from ethyl cyanoacrylate and related esters. The cyanoacrylate group in the monomer rapidly polymerizes in the presence of water to form long, strong chains.
  • Carbon Black Pigment (in black adhesive) – It appears black because it reflects very little light, thus giving color for the adhesive. Clear adhesive will not have this incorporated. This also has several uses in various industries.
  • Stabilisers – Maintains the integrity of the product.

We know that sensitivities to Lash Extension Adhesive may not be uncommon, but did you know reactions can be cumulative? Yep, that’s right! This means they can develop over time. You could have a loyal, long-term client who regularly gets beautifully crafted lash sets. Then, they suddenly identify subtle signs or lingering symptoms, watery eyes, or itchy eyes. It is also important to know that sensitivities and reactions aren’t the same. However, may present in similar ways, and there are differences between a reaction and sensitivities.

Here are some ghoulish signs to look out for!

  1. Reaction – This is when the body creates a histamine response to anything it feels is a foreign product to protect itself and is unlikely to occur straight away. This can or may occur 24 to 48 hrs after treatment and can present itself in symptoms like- puffy eyes, itchiness, swelling, or weeping.
  2. Sensitivities – These can occur during the treatment – stinging eyes, and tears. Adhesive emits carcinogenic fumes which can be irritating to the respiratory system, so if the client’s eyes are open this may cause irritation.
  3. Red Eyes – This may go along with your spookiest monster attire, really setting the scene for Halloween, but it’s not a great look for your clients and can be quite uncomfortable. As we just discussed fumes, did you check that the eye pads or tape haven’t been placed too high? Under-eye pads can irritate the eyes and cause a corneal abrasion if they are placed too high or even with chatty clients whose facial movements can wriggle the eye pads. Ouch! Were your client’s eyes sealed well? Incantations for sealing off doorways to other realms may work, but to make it easier for you as a therapist, ensure the client’s eyes are closed well, particularly if you are using the taping method to tape back extensions – if we pull to tight, this can lift and open up the eye.

So how can we handle a reaction? A pumpkin full of lollies may be a nice treat, but the first thing I would recommend doing is to reassure your client and yourself. It happens, it is just one of those many things we cannot control sometimes. The human body is an incredible engine.  Avoid recommending lotions and potions such; as antihistamines, this is quite an old-school recommendation as it may void your insurance and may not be the best option for your client.  Encourage your client to seek medical advice from their GP or nearest Witch Doctor.  Now it may seem like a good idea to perform a removal straight away, but we would need to consider adding more chemicals to the eye area as this may be counterproductive and further irritate the eye area.  You may want to execute a manual removal. We recommend waiting for clearance from a medical professional before commencing with a removal.

Reactions and Sensitivities can leave a shiver down your spine as a new lash artist but having the power of knowledge at your fingertips will provide you with confidence in sprinkling your lash magic. We do have the perfect books of lash spells here at Elleebana for our Classic Lash Extension Foundation, Classic Lash Extension Advanced and Beginners Volume Courses to cater to all levels of Lash Witches and Wizards.

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